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Anxiety taking over

I feel like anxiety is taking over my life. I have to young children and the thought of getting up and raking my oldest to school is making me feel shocking! I have had constant anxiety lately nothing helps I am suppose to be going abroad next week and the thought is unbearable! I haven't even got out of bed today.

I feel shaky no energy and constant dread! I get pins and needles feel foggy headed. And have a constant worry that I am going to get ill.

I am so close to cancelling my holiday that's took me a year to pay off. I can't stop crying

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Hi , you need to go and see you GP in the morning they will give you Somthing to get through the holiday and then you can see them again when you come home, Iv been exactly the same as you today, I'm going to my doctors as soon as I can, I feel Iv gone back to my worst ever days I feel horrendous, so believe me I understand you completely ( even to the being in bed ) sounds us are my worst days, please go and see your GP I found one diazpam last night and the difference it made, they do really work ( but there very addictive ) so GPs only give you a week or so at a time , but they my do work, keep fighting there is help and things to easy the pain it's just getting the right one xxx


Thanks I am on my 3 day of citralopram not helping yet. I will see if the can give me anything more to help till it kicks in.

I am getting hypnotherapy next week but I don't know how much that will help. Xx

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Oh well there's your answer you are always really bad and feel the way you do when starting anti dpress, they take at least six weeks to get in your. System and a start to feel a little better, yes it's really bad starting meds that's why I'm really worried incase my GP wants me to start a new one, it will get better ( Honestly ) it will but yes you need Somthing to help you while there kicking in to get you on the holiday, how you feeling now, x


I constantly have a feeling of dread and feels like am slightly tipsy most of the day. But since speaking to people I think it's slightly easing it. My 1 year old came for a cuddle before bed and I manage to play for about 20 minutes before feeling fuzzy headed. Which is quite good for me. I always feel worse at night and in a morning. But I have made a plan for tomorrow hopefully keep busy xx


Hi love your like me panick about panicking, never make any plans, and think about the attack before I comes, I went abroad and on the day of travelling I said I can't do it to long a journey, bit once I was on the plane I relaxed. Had a few panick attacks over there, but I'm still here xxx don't let it ruin your life. Love go out there and enjoy your holiday you might surprise yourself. I enjoyed ever minute of mine even with attacks. You can do it don't give in to this bloody illness scary I know, but I've never heard of anyone dyeing with a panick attack aweful as they are. Be strong xxxxx mandy😎


I wish I was as strong as you! I have told my hubby to go with his friend now I just can't do it! I had a really bad night getting woke after an hour having a panic attack! e d up with about two hours sleep all night. Couldn't get my son to school so my mum came and took him and took my youngest with her. I feel horrible my chest hurts so bad today n just feel dizzy :( xx


I would check out with GP that it`s nothing physical. Anxiety can be caused by a multitude of reasons. Personally, next, I would go to a hypnotherapist , as anxiety often eminates from the mind, to let us know our emotions are frazzled in someway !

Can`t give details, as I don`t know your personal history, but, for instance, as a mum we are expected to take on all sorts of problems and when the load gets too heavy, the mind can remind you that we need, as a person, to be strong and capable before taking on any more. All too often we get into the habit of putting others before us and eventually something has got to give.

I don`t know what the reasons are, but through hypnosis you can get rid of that stress and be released from that emotional baggage that is causing you stress.

I was an emotional wreck, with little self esteem 20 years ago , so I can sympathise - and know you can get over this. Life should be FUN !


I am seeing a hypnotherapist on Saturday. I am also rang my gp this morning and seeing him this afternoon. I feel like I am annoying them going all the time :( but I just hate been like this :(


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