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Anxious with certain people

Hi everyone!

I have noticed that I get nervous and anxious with certain people (people that not aware of my condition). When I am meeting people that don't know about my anxiety I tend to get more anxious. I met a friend for a coffee the other day and I was getting fast heartbeat and had a sudden dizzy spell. Although I was enjoying the conversation, and she's really nice, as soon as I felt symptoms I started having catastrophic ideas, like "What if I collapse? What if I start panicking? Should I tell her?"The fact that she is not aware of my condition made me feel more nervous, and I felt awful during the whole meeting. That happens to me in social situations as well, I worry that I am going to have a symptom and panic, it feels like I am hiding something about myself and it will be too embarrassing to tell someone I suffer from anxiety. I am actually ashamed of my condition. I think the reason is because at home my family never understood my condition, especially my sisters since I was very young they tried to ridicule me about my symptoms and condition, as a result of that I keep it hidden from people unconsciously for fear of rejection or embarrassment perhaps? Does anyone feel the same?

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