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Feeling Sick in Certain Situations: Could This Be Anxiety?

Hi everyone. I'm new here and I am not sure if I have anxiety or not (haven't been to the doctor about how I feel as I hate talking about how I feel in person). However, since I was young I have always felt sick (my stomach is the first to go if you get what I mean) whenever staying at a friend's house. This means that I was always the kid who got picked up at like 12 or 1 am to be taken home as I felt so sick and couldn't sleep at my friend's house but as soon as I got home I would be fine. Now this I just thought was a bit of homesickness but I have just recently turned 18 and this still happens to me and now affects me in more ways. I dread getting invited to stay at someone's house as I worry that I will feel sick and will want to go home. I also hate the idea of waking up early and having to sit there/lie there waiting for my friend to wake up. Anyway, nowadays this isn't my primary concern. I discovered that every time I am slightly nervous or excited about something I will feel sick and need the toilet and it just ends up making me feel worse because I will worry about feeling sick in certain situations so sometimes I will avoid them. For example, I went to a concert with a friend and as I was so excited to go and see the band I couldn't even eat breakfast because I felt really sick. I feel sick going to friend's parties even when I know everybody there and I know that there is nothing to worry about. I feel sick meeting my boyfriend (even though I care about him a lot but I just get excited to see him and I somehow feel nervous going to meet him?). I always end up feeling sick at my boyfriend's house and it really gets to me as I'll be fine one minute then suddenly I'll feel the urge to throw up and I'll just feel really weird and spaced out. I'll start sweating, get hot and cold flushes and I will go really quiet as I don't want to say anything in case I really am sick. It's really horrible as I love spending time with him and I love his family (they are really lovely) but I find it difficult to stay calm when I'm at his house. I will try to tell myself in my head that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about, I'll do breathing exercises and I even tried taking these tablets that are supposed to help you to stay calm but it doesn't help. I feel even worse as I already sometimes struggle to eat in front of people because I feel like they will judge me because of my weight which is stupid, so then when I feel sick from nerves I find it hard to eat as well. This makes me feel bad as I feel like some of my friends (including my boyfriend) think I hardly eat but it is difficult for me as I do eat quite a lot at home but I find it hard to eat when I am nervous in social situations. Another thing that really gets me nervous is kissing my boyfriend. With my ex, I would just freeze and I would overthink things so I just couldn't do it. Now I have been in a relationship with my current boyfriend for almost 7 months and we haven't kissed yet. I feel really comfortable with him but he is aware of what happened with my last boyfriend and doesn't want to make me feel uncomfortable and rushed so hasn't kissed me yet. I do want to kiss him but at the same time I worry about messing things up and I already sometimes feel nervous meeting him so I then get nervous on top of my nerves if that makes any sense.

This is starting to really upset me as I find it difficult to progress in my relationship and I find it difficult to fully enjoy events and things with friends due to feeling sick. I don't know what I should do. I'm starting University soon so I am nervous about that too. I just want to try and gain a bit of control and feel more at ease so that I can start to enjoy life more and feel more calm. Should I go to the doctor and try to explain how I am feeling? Would that even help?

Sorry that this was so long but if anyone reads it all then thank you! Any advice or anything will be much appreciated.

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Hi gmr10, I see someone who has a future ahead of them both with school and a kind and understanding boyfriend. Since your symptoms are interfering with you enjoying life, it is time to seek some help with a therapist. Maybe your doctor can recommend someone who you will be comfortable with to talk out your issues. Your doctor may even want you on medication just for a while to quiet your emotions down some. I wish you much success in starting the University and pursuing your future dreams. Also good luck with your man, he sounds amazing. Take care x


Hi Agora1, thank you so much for your kind words. I think I will try and get a doctors appointment as I fear that if I don't take action then nothing will change. My boyfriend is a very understanding person which in a way makes me feel even worse as he has to put up with me feeling sick and I know he just wants me to feel good! Thanks again x

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Sounds like you have social anxiety as the symptoms sound familiar as my husband suffers with it and I know you say u don't think u could feel comfortable talking to some one about it but as I told my husband that talking does help he's had it since a kids and he had no one rill we met and I help him go speak to some it did help him a bit he is now on medication for it hope u can manage to go see your GP for the help u need as there is no shame what so ever in u doing so it may help u


Thank you very much your response. I'm glad to hear that your husband has got the help he needs and that you are helping your husband. You are obviously a very understanding and caring person. I will see if I can speak to someone to try and get a handle on my worries and nerves so that I can live a happier life.


You do right hun I do understand not just because of my husband bt I have also been told I have anxiety but not sure why or what caused it but I see a phycologist and it helps me once I finishmy session with her I feel so much better


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