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I'm feeling anxious and extremely nervous about starting a new job. I've been out of work since my daughters birth 11 years ago, there's always been something holding me back, anxiety, depression, family circumstances, but finally took the bull by the horns applied for job part time and I got it, it feels great to achieve a goal and be worthy of a job, however thankful I am it's a scary reality to face after this length of time. I've been battling through my anxieties for years trying to stop it stopping me and now I have beat it and am stepping forward and out of my box I want to run in the opposite direction. Millerlou posted something similar 5yrs ago...i wonder how she's doing now, hoping that in five years I will have achieved more goals and have beaten my anxieties completely. Any advice?


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  • Of course you're anxious to start a new job. Anyone would be, even without an anxiety issue. You've gone this long without one so it will be okay if you take some time to adjust, or don't. The decision and interviews, etc are the hardest part by far, I get anxious just thinking about that. Since you've made it this far, you'll be good :)

  • Thank you, the support of others really helps. I think I'm over thinking all too much.

  • I say "Go for it". I was scare too but it's been great and it keeps my mind off of my anxiety. Best wishes to you. I know that you will be fine!

  • Thank you

  • Only natural to feel that way over a new job. You have done amazing to have taken that step. What a great example to your daughter too. Your going to go onwards and upwards without a doubt. Our thoughts are the the very thing that feeds the anxiety. Can you listen to Steven Furlick whatever whatever, its amazing x

    You will be just fine, really well done starting something new x

  • Thank you, I will look at S Furlick.

  • Its ok to feel nervous about a new job but have confidince within yourself. Remember the company has faith in you. I take notes during new jobs and ask questions. You will get trained and dont worry. You will do great .Best wishes you are on the road to success.

  • Thank you

  • Your welcome check out this motivational video from Les Brown.

  • Brave the waves (Anxious for nothing) Steven Furlick x awesome honestly x find it on you tube

  • I will check it out, thank you 😊

  • Big congratulations on your new job! I had a breakdown more than three years ago now caused by anxiety and have been out of work since. I am so happy for you and it gives us others hope that we will be out in the job world before long. Just hold your head high be proud and remember anyone would be anxious on their first day. You can do it and we'll all be cheering you on! All the best Sam x

  • Thank you, I hope you find the strength in yourself to get back. It's so hard and anxiety really hard to overcome especially when circumstances change, wishing you well and thanks again.

  • Visualisation will help. Keep it alll in the positive and see yourself being uber effficient, doing the best that you can.Feel being that person.

    The feeling that you get from actually being hired, also hang onto that , use that to feel proud.

    If you are interested in restoring calm you can have an anchor and I will forward an attachment on how to control the calmness.

    warm wishes Linda

  • Thank you Linda

  • I got a new job in September, the interview was he'll, over 30 of us. I hate groups interviews as I constantly feel judged, but I got a job, and it is now the only place I feel properly calm and happy.

    You'll do great, they picked you. :) just don't be afraid to ask someone for help if you don't know what to do.

  • Well done and thank you that's reassuring :)

  • I think the biggest hurdle is the one you have already overcome, being offered the job in the first place. Such competition for any job out there now. The company believe in you, they must know a thing or two. Remind yourself of all your capabilities (bringing up children isn't easy for a start) and be very, very kind to yourself, ie don't expect too much of yourself, ease yourself in slowly.

  • I will try thanks for the support

  • You're welcome, congratulations and best of luck, keep us posted. xx

  • First day over, all went well, felt anxious this morning but once I'd stepped inside, introductions and induction out of the way all went well...feeling great about all now, glad today went well, hoping tomorrow will be as good if not better. Its an ideal job for me and allows me to be creative which is my thing. Thank you all so much for support, advice and encouraging words. J

  • Not many have the aptitude nor the opportunity for a creative job. Well done.

  • I am sure you will do well. They hired you, so your employers must have confidence in your abilities- and that you will fit in to that particular workplace.

    Best of luck !

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