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Feeling so sick and scared (sensitive)

I'm really struggling again. I have found out today my mum is very unwell. She is on a two week-wait with suspected uterine cancer. I'm still in shock as I write this. She's 62 and we are very close. A friend of mine has just lost her mum to breast cancer at 61.

I myself have always struggled with health anxiety but this was made far worse by an slightly abnormal smear test last year. The GP was not concerned and I have been invited back the usual time - every three years. However, I am now bleeding a little on and off, particularly after sex. I am petrified. I am on the mini-pill which I know often causes on and off bleeding; it's just the time it tends to happen that I am worried about. I have called my GP surgery today and the nurse is going to call me back tomorrow to discuss. All I keep thinking is; what if I have cancer?

Thank you so much for reading this and helping me.

L xxx

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Hello, Sorry you have to go through that, I understand how scary that can be, the better news is uterine cancer is treatable, usually uterine cancer does not spread to other organs like most cancers and if it is cancer women can have a full life without a uterus.

For your paps smear usually the result come back inconclusive which means there were not enough cells scraped but that happens all the time, and it usually means it was normal anyway, in this case you should just repeat the test in a year.

The second type of results can be dysplasia which means that some cells look abnormal but it is not cancer.

The third type are cancer cells. For the second and third step there are treatments.

I suggest you ask the doctor for the report of the pap smear and clarify the finding, it's probably the fist case since he did not suggest any treatment.


Aw thanks so much, Sunshine1968-the fact that people like you on here take the time to reply is so very kind.

Re mum I think it's just shock because she's been keeping it quiet up until now. I know that's her way of dealing with things but it makes me feel sad to think she didn't share the news with anybody.

Re my smear...it was mildly abnormal cells but no HPV detected. No further action. But now these symptoms are concerning me...

I think I'm mainly just tired of the battles. Four years ago I escaped an abusive marriage but lost my kids for half of the time (after many times in court), a few years ago my autistic brother attempted suicide (and only just survived), my dad went under investigation for suspected eye cancer two weeks ago, and now this. It just seems so unfair.

L x


It does seem unfair but at the end it settles down, there is no family without troubles, my father is fighting cancer since a while but there are so many treatments these days.

When I was 24 years old I had three breast tumors on both sides so the doctor suspected it was cancer, I got a biopsy which came back inconclusive, so I had to have surgery to remove them at a cancer specialized hospital and it turned out to be benign, but that was a scary few months.

When I was a child my brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia so my childhood was a very complicated one.

So there are a lot of bad days and experiences for a lot of us but we are resilient because things pass and we go on.


Sorry to hear about your dad; I hope he is OK.

It's so hard when you think that every family is the 'perfect' one, isn't it? I love my brother as I know you must love yours too; they are them and not their condition. Still, it's so hard when you see them going through so much pain and anguish and there's nothing you can do to make it better for them.

How are you now? Hope all is well. I really appreciate you replying to me, thank you :) x


I am doing OK although when I am very sad the negative past from my life seems to pile up and I see and think only about that, but then it passes I enjoy the little things in life, if I am sad too long I get a little help with Lexapro which is an antidepressant. Life is not a straight line it's like a slippery slope. I have adult children now although they were a handful they are great and I volunteer at a food shelter, brings me a lot of inner peace.


It's good to know you are coping OK(ish) now. You're absolutely right about enjoying/appreciating the little things. Once I've got this problem looked at I might also ask my GP re antidepressants as sometimes the worry can be overwhelming. I'm seeing the nurse re my initial issues next week so hopefully will be reassured a bit. Aw what a lovely thing to do, that's amazing! My job is rewarding too...I'm a teacher at a unit that works with children that have been excluded from mainstream education. They really are chicken soup for the soul :) x

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Please stop stressing, my brother lost his wife at age 25, thru cancer of the eye, for months he thought their was something wrong with his eyes, like he could of caught it, it's just your mind going overload. Hope your mam OK xx


The bleeding could be caused by benign polyps - but get it checked out for sure, then you won't be worried by it.


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