Anxiety or meds or something more serious? ????

Now I've began to notice other things that have me extremely nervous. Now my breast are sore to the touch. I've been off my menustral for almost two weeks now. Why do both my breast hurt. Then I do have moments I have dull pains in my chest area which makes me think of heart attack. Also I keep getting a warm sensation in my head and back if the neck area. Feels as if I'm about to get a fever but I check my temp with a thermometer and it's normal but my head feels warm. Plus I've become obsessed with checking my bp. What's happening? ? And then to add to this, I keep feeling down throughout the day. I feel like something bad is soon to happen to me it seems like every conversation or thought I have I keep associatin it with something bad will happen to me. I'm so afraid. I hate this? What is this?


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  • That sounds like anxiety. It sucks. To be sure though, I strongly recommend going to get a check up with your Dr just to be sure.

  • Thankfully I have an appointment to have a pap smear did. I will ask about this. But I've have blood works did several times. Had an ekg did about two months ago. All came back fine. But my breast feel sore as if my menustral is coming on. And it went off two weeks ago.

  • No. Not pregnant for sure. My sore breast feel as if my menustral is coming back on. But I already had it.

  • Could you be pregnant?

  • Not pregnant for sure. Don't know why my breast feel sore like my menustral is coming on

  • I had to re read the author as I felt that I was reading my own post. The only difference is that I have a pins and needles and cold feeling in the base of my skull and neck. I've had all sorts of scans etc, they can't find anything g wrong other than osteo arthritis in the neck. Doesn't explain things really though. I also have the roof of my mouth go cold about 100 times a day. No answers for that either. :/. The BP? Sounds like you have health anxiety like me. It's the pits.

  • Yes Im sure I do have health anxiety. Big time. I've diagnosed myself with everything in these past two months. I feel like the docs have missed something. I find it hard to believe anxiety is all this could be. I keep thinking the worse every time I get even a slight feeling in my body. But this warm sensation I get I keep expecting to get a fever. Then also I get pressure between my ears. Yesterday I was at a car dealership waiting and then I began to get lightheaded again. I felt nervous and I would get moments of shortness of breath. Then it started to thunderstorm while I was there which really made me start thinking bad.

  • I'm the same. It's very tiring isn't it?

    I'm wondering if you may be pressure sensitive. By that I mean, sensitive to the air pressure, weather patterns. You mentioned head pressure, dizziness and then a thunderstorm. I get this and it's usually when the air is heavy and humid or if there is a looming thunderstorm or weather change. It's an interesting phenomenon but very real.

    I have a sore throat at the moment. It has been on and off for a while now. It's very hard to not think the worst and yet I'm frightened to go to the doctor in case they say its something worse and because they always check blood pressure and mine goes up at the doctors, I'm frightened they'll push for meds which is what I don't want. :/

    I'm sure you'll know what I mean.

  • I'm exactly the same. So anxious all day and constantly worry that I have a serious illness that hasn't been discovered. I have fibromyalgia and a couple of types of arthritis, so have been pretty much housebound for 7 months due to pain and now the anxiety and panic attacks are worse than ever. My mum has just been diagnosed with cancer, so I feel even more terrified of illness. It's exhausting. The GP has upped my sertraline to 200mg so hoping that will help.

    I would definitely speak to your doctor so they can help you. We're not alone.

  • I'm sorry to hear this about your mom. I know how you feel. I'm so scared thinking I have something bad gping on with me and the docs just missing something. But you have something to pin point that may be the cause of your anxiety or could trigger it. I on the other hand don't believe how the docs can't tell me anything I find it hard to believe I'm only dealing with anxiety. I've have different blood works did all came back fine but still I feel like they are not doing blood work on everything that it could possibly be. I have diagnosed myself with everything.

  • I get the same thing I feel really warm but my temp is normal . Anxiety I say ... All symptoms will go away soon

  • The dizziness be the breathing is off ..they told me too take deep breaths

  • I'm sort of experiencing similar symptoms. I last couple weeks I had chest pain it was so sore so I started getting anxiety and now I have neck pain. I believe it's our anxiety causing pain and we fear it's something else

  • Anxiety causes an increase in cortisol levels. You would not believe the types of symptoms you can get when your body is stressed. It doesn't hurt to get a check up, and maybe ask to have your thyroid checked too.

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