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Can someone help or relate?

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I've had anxiety depression for a long time, but recently I've been suffering a lot lately it started on my left arm near my armpit and the pain is always on/ off sometimes it feels like its not there.. then it comes back.. then my thighs start trembling and as well i also get really sore rib pain but it then all goes away like I'm normal!?!?!? plus I get constant chest pains but they are temporally they come they go.. sometimes even my chest starts trembling, I'm really scared :( I've asked my mum to have me on meds but she says I'll end up living off them. which isn't good.. I just want to be normal again. what should I do please help me out?

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Hi a g.p about this even if it's only for peace of mind not medication. Your symptoms sound similar to how I feel when I'm having or am about to have a panic attack however I would still go see your g.p It may help just talking things through with them. Xxx

okay thanks for the reply x

Hi Dear,

I remember these symptoms are related to Gastric and indigestion. There are other minor similar symptoms as well which just come in and go off :-)

# Bloated after a meal or if you eat something spicy or heavy?

# Pinching feeling on chest not exactly in one place

# Head Pressure and Nauseous and dizziness.

# Worst feeling and scared sometimes.

# Not able to concentrate fully

# left hand pain near the joints and nerves....not exact position always.

# Thighs,arms and feet trembling

and Others nightmares...

I went through this almost 2 years back and I prefer to get in touch with a Gastroenterologist or a doctor who is specialist in Stomach and indigestion issues. they may ask you to do a endoscopy to check your stomach.

Please don't delay and be in anxiety\Stress as it may lead to many unwanted and worst feelings . This is nothing serious and timely treatment will heal it to the root.

Exercise daily for 15-30 min for mental relief.

Get well soon



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TheUnknown93 in reply to Prods

Thank you so much

Definitely refer to your G P. it may be anxiety and if he/she recommends meds, often this is enough to give you a little window of opportunity to help yourself too. Thats what I found.

Good luck.



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