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Your panic/anxiety attacks cannot kill you


I went outside today making it to that park was my goal and neither anxiety or my agoraphobia was going to stop me. I figured i would make a run for it at least i might reach it or make it halfway. So here i am at the park, yes it took me 1 hour to make it there when the usual person might take 8 minutes, yes my head was going crazy controlling my breathing seemed impossible my legs felt heavy, yes i had a few attacks on the way and guess what IT PASSED AND I KEPT ON GOING......... One tiny problem i dont know how to make it home and my fingers are shaking and i need help

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That is an amazing thing to have done. Just wanted to show my support. Remember every step is a step closer to getting back home and you will. Just think how many people do you see daily collapsed on the street, or frozen in panic because they cannot move? Try and think of a special treat you will give yourself when you get home for having done so well

Thank you, i did make it home and got some chocolate ice cream to celebrate


You got this breathe in and out, you made it you are strong enough to make it back

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Me and Agora made it home

I bet it tasted the best ice cream ever. So very happy for you.

It did taste amazing plus its CHOCOLATEEEEE haha

You rock Danielle ❣ Hope you were able to enjoy the park a little.... remember you are much stronger than you think ❤

Ps. u always make me want chocolate 🍫

Hey Mel. Chocolate is good for the soul. Hope you are doing well hun

Yes it is... might need some today 😀 I'm trying to be calm.... have my therapy appt. in 2 days. How are you doing Sunflower?

That's wonderful

Thank you

Your welcome that was a huge step!!!!!


You're awesome

Callmedanielle in reply to Hidden

Thanks babe how is therapy going

You were brave and success (and chocolate ice cream) are your reward. It will also be a little easier next time. You did what you feared and the death of your fear is assured.

You were right jeff, what you said about acceptance. I cant stop how my mind overthinks and i cant stop the attacks but now i dont fear them as much as before. They come and they go at the end im okay

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I believe as you push pass all of the thoughts eventually they subside some and become much more manageable. As a Christian we are taught to replace those thoughts. Can be difficult to do, they just seem to slip in but eventually you do it, almost automatically. Thought comes, you put a new thought in. Old thought still happens but you put in a new and improved thought that hopefully one day replace the old unwanted thought.

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Replacing the bad thoughts with good one sounds like a good idea, and yes i am trying to do exactly that so far it seems impossible. Now im keeping my head busy with with constant reading gardening anything small things so by the time i can take a time out im already too tired to even think


Good idea.

Nice job!!!

Thanks hun

Well done you made it to the park and home again.pat yourself on the back ! You accepted all the thoughts and still carried on,you are on your way to losing your fear and accepting your thoughts ,and managing your anxiety.well done.

😊😊😊 thankkk you

Wow! Way to go! How awesome! I think each time will get easier as you realize nothing hurt you. Your truth proofs. That is awesome! Rock on!

I will keep going till all the fear is gone

That’s the spirit! You’ve got this! With that mindset you’ve got this!


Hi Danielle, how are you? Just wanted to reach out and say hello. I am doing ok. Started getting those old stress head aches I use to get 2 years ago. Horrible headaches. But this time I am prepared to face what is causing them.

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These headaches are the worse i have them from time to time i still remember how painful the can get, what are you up to today any plans, is there any remedies to help with the pain


I plan to do some work around the house to try to stay busy. These headaches are horrible, it feels like something is burrowing into my head. I recently got a therapist to help me with anxiety and she believes as I deal with unresolved issues that the headaches will go away. They use to last all day and I would just ball up on the couch and cry. They are a little better than that this time, they only last a couple of hours. What are you up to today?

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Usually when i have them i can't move any little movement is too painful. These headaches are self inflicted and the therapist is right i really hope you feel better soon cause these things hurt too much. I have a therapy in half an hour then im planning to kick my anxiety and agoraphobia in the face and make it to the store so i can buy sweets

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lol, nothing more motivating that sweets to make you overcome your fears.

Callmedanielle in reply to Hidden

When you're working around the house if the headache get worse try layingdown put some ice pack on and take deep breaths try to clear your mind even if that aloneis difficult due to our anxiety

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I will try that thanks. I just need to stick with what others have tried that is proven to work. I tend to try something a couple of times and then if it does not work I stop. I am determined to stick with it this time. My therapy, the support group, and the breathing exercises that were also suggested to me by a therapist sometime ago. Have a good therapy session. I will be on the site throughout the day. ttyl

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Hope you're feeling a little better

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Head ache went away late morning. I have been relaxing, instead of house cleaning. I did do a phone interview that was pretty intense for me but I made it through without getting a headache. Thanks for checking in on me. How was your appointment today, hope things went well?

Thank you. So you're team Edward?

Hey Danielle !

A very well done to you .

That's brilliant !

And yes exactly !!

My agoraphobia and my panic disorder makes me really suffer when I'm just chilling in the comfort of my home (bedroom always), AS soon as I know that i need to go out for something that cannot be avoided !!!!!

Man !!!!!!

It is a pure nightmare.

JUST the thoughts of it brings on the super-tightness in my chest, sore arms, butterflies and stomach doing summersalts, then the shoulders and headaches.

Then the hyper-sensetivity kicks-inn on everything !

Suddenly, everything is mega too bright to look at.

Hearing is too acute.

Hyper-sensetivity to touch.

Cannot and do not want to speak to nobody.

And a whole bunch off other madness.

I swear,

It's just like an LSD Super-trippin,

Except not the good part,

The horrible 12 hour come-down FEELING more like.

The if I haven't had my tablets on time each night roughly, then I start trippin and get de-realisation like I'm inn a parallel universe or something lol.

I'm telling you straight,

It's some SERIOUSLY scary s!@t in the beginning when you haven't went through all this yet. It's the worst thing that can happen to anyone in they're mind and thoughts and inner-feelings .

I truly THANK God that I have found the power to realise that I know I'm suffering EVERYDAY ANYWAYS, even when I take the sleeping tablets !!! So I thought to myself....... Man, just F!$k it !!!!!LOL

I thought just do the Dettox and reduce by a half-tablet every week and you won't siffer too much more than u ALREADY have been suffering for !!

The horrible thing I hate is the recurring insomnia !!!!

As if all the other 16-17 withdrawals symptoms weren't bad enough already !!!! Now constant sleep deprivation from severe insomnia has also joined the torture party, to really do me, HARD !!!!!!

But I've had enough of this Bulls**t Now,

Once + for all !

I was a perfectly hard-working, hard-working, always happy, positive and strong petson until my G.P. gave me sleeping tablets called ZOPICLONE in order to help me sleep, when I was working too hard and doing far too much in the way of working, running my own Buisness, driving 2000 mile round trips in vans and dealing with 100's of my customers and looking after 2 houses, my own house and my parents and some other stuff.

Sounds alot but I'm used to all that.

I actually strive and excel under-pressure !

Problems only came once Foctor put me these tablets and after a couple of months I needed to up the dose because the body builds up tolerance naturally, so u need more to get to sleep etc.

I have been suffering pure Hell.

It's been 13 months now.

Been through it all.

Running to the hospital because I thought I'm dying with heart problems etc etc etc !!!!

Thankfully, I learned to start to get a grip by reading and studying on the subject

as much as possible and it really did help. Understanding EXACTLY why you have gotten so into a nervous wreck and all the other stuff, really makes a big difference to you feeling much more in control.

But what u said about just forcing yourself to do it, is the right and best way.

No panic attacks ever killed anyone or gave a heart attack or nothing like that to anyone !!!

I felt the usual cjrsg tightness and horrible unwanted feelings that you are feeling really un-well but once you actually accept itnand just put your mind on doing the job at hand,

The bad symptoms all magically disappear. U are correct there !!!! LOL



I'm glad u took the step.

Keep it up.

Now u now that it disappears once u accept it and actually just go on out and do WHATEVER IT is that you have to do.

You will get past this real soon, I believe that you will definitely get back to the old you.

I feel really comfortable and confident once I actually bounce up and get myself out.

The secret is to not worry or stress over anything whatsoever like that.

And gradually get off all meds, if you are still on any !!! That is the only way your own hormones will get back to normal levels in the brain act.


Look after yourself and keep in touch.

TAKE CARE Danielle......... X

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