For anxiety and panic attacks!!!

Ok I am going to tell you all something I started reading a book called the dare response it is totally helping me with all my symptoms if you follow what it says. I never thought I could fight my anxious feeling but I am. I thought I make a suggestion read the book it can't hurt to try it I hope it helps as its helping me god bless..


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  • Hi vianna where can I get this I need all help I can get

  • You can get it through amazon or a book store it really helps there is also a app on a smart phone called dare response and its great.

  • where do we get this book?

  • How are u vole any help or advice welcome

  • Of course it is always welcomed, I am ok today I decided that I need a job the problem is I really need to work from home or maybe a part time job out of my home who is going to hire a person that has sooo many Doctor appointments???? Got to keep my mind busy

  • My problem is getting out of the house as my anxiety is keeping me stuck in a very scary rut Iv been thinking today how lonely I am and wish I had someone to take care of me and encourage me out and improve

  • I know the feeling I always have to talk myself that it is ok

  • It's so hard tho what meds do u take to help if any x

  • I take Prozac and its helping but slowly because I take 10mg but that book helps me out so much try it.

  • I will im on Sertraline 75 mg don't know if it's rite for me tho thank u x

  • On amazon a book store even on kindle they have a awesome app. On a smart phone called dare response its so great with audio you can listen to that helps you out tremendously.

  • Get it on amazon a book store or even on a kindle go to the app. Store if you have a smart phone and download dare response it will help you so much.

  • Sorry yole

  • thank u vianna will try anything to help x

  • hi all I got the book 2 weeks ago and its brilliant ive advised loads of people to get it :) its really helped me it really eases your mind everything we feel with anxiety is in the book its surprising and helps reassure us xxx

  • Isn't the book fabulous I just left my home to pick up my grandkids and I would always be so scared to do it before but the dare book reassures me I will be ok.

  • well done vianna I highly recommend it I was struggling to go out to but I have made a few trips to supermarket we all can beat this :) x

  • So glad keep up the good work we can conquer our anxiety. God bless.

  • Because of your post I bought the book (even got £3 off the kindle version as I downloaded the kindle app) I can honestly say I feel better now than I have in a long time. You also get the audio version with it, the app and you can join the Facebook closed group. Just the Facebook page alone is brilliant. It's made me understand that you can't get rid of do have to accept it. It teaches you how. I highly recommend it to everyone xx thank you so much for your post, I literally feel a different person already xx

  • I am so happy you feel better I feel the same I totally challenge myself and I have accomplished a lot it has taught me not to be scared. I hope everyone reads it because its excellent.

  • Best decision I ever made. I've actually felt "normal" this last week. It's so simple. I was thinking about it all wrong. You can't get rid of anxiety, everyone has anxiety to a degree... what makes us different is how we react to the sensations of anxiety.... it's not easy rewiring how you automatically respond...but it can be done

  • Hi, Good to hear this works so well for you.

    I donated and got the ebook for that. I read it. I started using it, but maybe I went a bit to quickly, I went somewhere I hadn't been in a long time, much further away from home (I live in a nursing home, mostly because of my anxiety) than I had been in a long time. On the way back I got anxious and used the DARE response. But I also got a new obsessive/intrusive thought, to open the car door and jump out! I was very sad and depressed afterwards and still have problems going somewhere in a car. Fortunately, most cars have central door locks (don't know if that's what you call it, English is not my first language).

    I am very fed up with my anxiety though (it goes up and down all by itself, with no known cause, except maybe hormones as I am peri-menopausal.

    So today I bought the Rapid Release audio. I hope this will help me to implement DARE better.

    I don't have the book anymore (it was a download ebook, and I now have a new computer). I do however have the app that came with the book. There is an audio on the DARE response. Do you think that will be enough, or should I buy the book as well?

    Another problem is that I can't believe I won't act on my intrusive thoughts (most would bring harm to me) or that I won't do weird things in a panic attack.

    Any advice is welcome.

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