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Anyone else get loose stool every morning, driving me crazy!

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Three months ago I got a nasty stomach bug, that woke me a six with diarrhoea. Long story short, ever since that day I wake early shaking and sweating and my tummy in over drive and have to dash to the loo. It may sound crazy , but I am scared of the loose stools now and in a bad state.

I have had cameras up and down, stool tests, blood tests and all clear, which is great I know. But I don't know how to get out of this vicious circle of fear now. I can't go anywhere and feel close to tears every day. The doc has offered me various calming medication, but it doesn't solve the problem. I am wondering if I have developed ibs? It makes it hard to eat too as I am worried about the consequences. If anyone has suffered the same and got over it all somehow, I would be grateful to know. Thanks

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Hi there, I understand how you feel. I had IBS problems and now I take Probiotics daily, Florastor. It's expensive but solves any problems

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Hi vrt,

I will give probiotics a go thank you.

Try taking an Imodium tablet right before bed. It can help slow down the colon and help with the morning issues.

Hi speakthetruth,

I have tried Imodium, but I don't want to become dependent on them.

And maybe a large table spoon of oat bran (soluble fibre) with your morning cereal or just a little milk, you'll find it in 500gm packs in the cereal aisle of most supermarkets. Worth trying.

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Hi Jeff,

Actually I did try the oats and it did work a bit, but have gotten out of the habit and it's back again. I am sure it must be to do with the bug I had, and have now developed a stupid fear of the mornings and even dread going to bed as I know what another day will bring....and I wake up shaking and sweating.

I am going back to the docs Friday, and I don't even know what I am going to say. Maybe can I try a course of antibiotics, or can I go speak to a Gastro doctor. Something is wrong since the bug day.....but I am in an extremely anxious phase and I know that isn't helping. I have emetophobia, and I guess every morning I think it's coming back. I know it's not, but I have convinced my body to react that way.

Sorry I have gone on a bit! 😊

I have similar after antibiotics. This brought on my anxiety. It is awful. Have no appetite and force feed. The gurgling in my stomach too is bad. It seems to slow down in the evening and then........Just as you in the morning. Not tried Immodium as I thought it was better out than in and I will worry even more if it has no effect. I think I am a hopeless case.

My thoughts are with you. Let us know how you get on.

Hi Forestina,

This is how it goes for me:

I wake about 6 or 7 shaky and sweating and my stomach churning. I know I have to go to the loo, but stupidly I am scared as to what it's going to be like. I too have to force myself to eat, I have kind of low grade nausea with it on and off, which us worse if I don't eat. Sometimes I have a low grade tummy ache all day the evening even though I feel much better and can eat a meal, then my tummy gets gassy and a bit painful. Then I don't want to go to bed, as I dread the mornings.

It's a complete nightmare!

Yes it's probably anxiety keeping it going, but because it all started with a stomach bug, I can't quite believe it!


That is so similar. There is nothing I fancy eating but in the evening when perceived danger has gone I do eat a little better but breakfast and lunch are a nightmare. Until a couple of weeks ago I was heaving over food, then I had to wash everything down with water.

Now it is a little easier tho not cooking much as by the time it is ready I no longer want it.

Because my other symptoms change and I can almost summon, unfortunately not banish these at will I know it is anxiety. It is so hard to accept that it can have a physical impact.

Thank you for taking time to reply. May better times lay ahead.

Yes Forestina, it can't go on forever

I was so bad too a couple of months ago I was hardly eating, I lived on Complan and bananas!

Although like you I am much better than that now.

I know there is a brain / gut connection. So if you are anxious it's going to affect your stomach. But it's very hard to believe you can do that to yourself.

I have the docs again Friday and to be honest I don't know what else I can say to her, but I can't just leave it. The anxiety medication was just making me feel like a zombie, didn't effect my tummy trouble at all, so not taking that now.....think I might try probiotics, it can't get any worse!!

Load up on probiotics. Eat yogurt that has it and also take the tablet supplements. My doctor always suggests taking the probiotic tablets at the same time you take a round of antibiotics to help with stomach problems.

Thank you Speakthetruth

I have just taken my first probiotic tonight, and got some of the yoghurt. Seems common sense really being as this all started with a stomach bug. And I have just exacerbated it with being anxious about.

Thank you 😊

The bottom line (no pun intended) is that maybe all the antibiotics you originally took for the bug have knocked out the beneficial bacteria in your gut and to help them repopulate your gut a serious campaign of yoghurty probiotics and probiotic tablets as SpeaktheTruth has suggested is the way forward. I would do that whatever your doctor suggests on Friday.

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Jeff1943 in reply to Jeff1943

And restart a heaped tablespoon of oat bran as you say it did some good.

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Funkyfaerie in reply to Jeff1943

Hi Jeff,

Yes Thank you also.

However, I never had any antibiotics, but it was a particularly nasty bug and I think it wiped me out. And as I said to Speakthetruth I have exacerbated it by worrying and being anxious about it all...That's why I wake shaky and sweating fearing it...ridiculous really!

Yes I will restart the oats, I think I got a little better and gave up.

Still going to docs though.

Thank you for your time.

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