cyst is driving me crazy

Has anyone ever dealt with this. I've had on and off ear pain from this cyst I've had for months. today i felt a new one and its warm to the touch and was causing me a lot of pain. i have been feeling feverish all day, but my temperature has been in the 96.7 - 97.8 range.. i feel really fatigued.. I'm still able to work and workout and stay active, but i feel kind of off balance and start worrying for minutes at a time then it goes away and comes back. thankfully I'm going to see my ENT tomorrow.


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  • You need to try Serrapeptase enzyme. I took it for inflammation for a few months and then one day I noticed that a cyst I had since 14 (23 years ago) was gone! I had no idea it worked on cysts, but it turned out to be great at disolving them. I thought i'd have that cyst forever. Since then two friends have used it and it has desolved their cysts in 30-60 days. They call it a magic pill. The source I got them from was so these I know are good quality. There are no side effects and it's very safe.

  • I could do with your advice on this I've just for the past few days had problem like I want to pop my ears, felt rwally uncomfortable, yesterday I had blood come out of my ears and today its a clear liquid coul this be a cyst I have a very loud hissing noise in it now I daren't poke it xx thanks mandy😩

  • Hi at the moment me my partner and kids have all got ear infections sore throats feeling tired. Its got my partner worse hes on antibiotics. And plus we,ve started with diarreha and sickness now its never ending.

  • Yeah my my neck feels puffy and sore throaght, too I have no pain in my ears though just pressure xx mandy

  • Yep thats how my daughter is. Ive just been told there is two bugs going round and weve got both in my house probley cos ive got 4 kids. Its making alot of people suffer with there sinuses

  • My auntie been same and my mother too had ear problems, never thought of a bug xxx ty puts my mind at rest, I'm not one to bother doctor, I do hypecondriase if thats a word but dont bother the Dr at all unless absolutely necessary, his time is full of more worthy n needed than me, xxx ty mandy

  • Its ok i was same then all family came down with it and realised it was a bug. I worry to much.

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