Anyone else get the shakes?

Was wondering if anyone has this issue. This doesnt happen all the time. But last night it did. I'll be trying to go to sleep and my body starts to shakes all over. I can't control it and it last for an hour or so then calms. The shakes only happen at night before bed. If anyone else has experienced this please let me know . Thank you all. 


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  • Yeah, it happens to me and sometimes during the day. It could be something a simple as your lacking a little sugar or it's a classic symptom of anxiety. Try not to worry about it too much. When you do you will find it slowly subsiding x

  • I think you might be right about not getting enough sugar. Cause I started chewing gum and that helped. So that was a good call! 

  • Yeah I was like it this afternoon and once I had a little something to eat and drink it went 

  • Yeah, i had that once and then found out I had anal cancer. :/ but I survived.

  • Dude! Sorry to hear that man. I actually have been checked for that ... No anal cancer just hemroids :/

  • Thanks. Sorry about your hemrroids.

    It might be in your head.

  • I think it's an adrenaline dump when my anxiety is on high or my blood sugar is super low. Either way it's def scary when you have uncontrollable shakes.

  • Oh. Sounds crazy. I bet you can control that problem....

    You try taking care of it dude? Or what?

  • Yeah, I've tried chewing a piece of sugar gum and it actually helped. That's why I kinda thought it was low blood sugar.

  • Hi nate, actually when chewing gum, it's not the sugar release but more about moving your facial muscles that helps distract you. Honest truth :)

  • Didn't even think about that! That could be the truth lol!

  • Good call on gum chewing. Gum saves lives. How do I stop from peeing when I have shivers???

  • Man, no support at all for me in this group! Why no one support me!!!

  • I got your back dude. I just have no idea how to help you with the peeing. Are you taking anything for the panic and anxiety?

  • Oh bless you sir!

    I wear depends adult diaper all the time now. I am even more nervous people can hear the depends when I walk. So I pee more!

    I don't believe in medicine. I believe in thought shifting and becoming confident and in control of myself. But it's hard when I just pee and shiver I get so fixated on the pee and shiver

  • That sounds like a big problem. Have you seen a doctor about this? I wonder if you have a medical issue.

  • Well I'm old you see.

    Of course I seen the Doctor bc I had the anal cancer u know

    But now I just feel anxiety bc I don't know how to control my thoughts

    I think I worry too much and then I pee

    Just a little pee not a lot of pee

    Don't laugh at me

  • What u think I should do man? U must be the expert here

  • Where did u go man? I thought u had the answers and support! I hope u don't get the pee shivers too

  • Well my friend, I wonder myself if u may have a medical issue with what have u have said bout the panic shivers. I supposed u must think it's some medical diseases? Or u think u can solve the problem? I wonder what u have tried consistently to try?

    Best wishes

  • Great news everyone! No shakes pee last night!

    I had wonderful date with my wife and stop thinking bout the pee! It helped!

  • Anxiety! It's like ur shivering in the cold! Mines last for at least 30min.

  • I also feel like it could be anxiety. When I was a teenager I would shake like that when I was really upset or stressed. So it could also be that. Anxiety is a strange thing to have. Breathing helps also distract yourself with a movie of music. I do art so drawling helps when I get shacky too.

  • I get this quite a bit - mostly it's anxiety, but sometimes I've realised it's actually low blood sugar. I'm not always quite sure why it happens so much with my anxiety but I do get very shaky and my teeth and hands tremble an awful lot, so a part of me feels that it's probably the 'shock/fight or flight' effect of the cortisol and adrenaline that's spiked.

    Usually I either let it take its course, and that might be 30 mins or an hour, maybe 2, and then it'll fade, but if it feels like I haven't eaten or drank enough one day then I can usually guess that I need some sort of filling snack or meal to help get myself back to normal quite quickly.

    I always get 'the shakes' after donating blood too, even though that's not too bad in the grand scheme of things.

  • Right on the button, like a lot of people on this chat forum, eating can be tricky. I can goes all day without eating cause I'm so anxious. And def not eating, brings low blood sugar, which brings shaking. Best advice is to force yourself to live a normal day to day life and ignore it when it pops up.

  • Yeah. Try doing those things, like eating normal and drinking fluid. That makes more cense than tryin to findd a mysterious solution or something else to point as tha problem. Take car of yur bodi . Try that. Report bak

    May u fin strength to control yur habits and life

  • Does anyone pee themselves a little when they get the shakes? Or is it only me?

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