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Please help!

Please, can somebody tell me if it is ok to feel nearly constant tightening in my throat, especially in the middle of the bottom part of the throat/neck, like somebody is pressing finger on that part and I have feeling of sickness although I am not?!

I can eat and drink without a problem, had barium swallow on x-Ray, result negative!

I start recovering from anxiety, I mean finally started having some break in between, managed to accept it but this has started bordering me again!

I am worry it will blow up my health anxiety again!

I know I felt that when I was in very bad state but I feel it now again even when I am not anxious!


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Ab2009, you are okay...you know it is a tightening of the muscles and nothing more. You may not feel anxious but some feeling you sensed trigger that reflex feeling in your throat. The more you focus on it, the tighter it will get. Try putting a hot bath towel right out of the dryer, around your shoulders and neck. Sit and relax in a comfy chair with a hot cup of tea. Between the heat from the outside and the warm drink to calm the muscles in your throat, it will go away. Watch a movie, or read a book and breathe deeply and exhaling slowly. You are okay, you are safe, it will go away. A subconscious thought could have brought that on. Anxiety picks the most vulnerable spot on the body at the time. Don't allow it to take hold. Breathe it away. Pull your shoulders down from your ears. Totally go into relaxation mode. xx

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Oh Agora1, I really wanted to hear your reply! LOA, you are sent to me in this hour, Big, big thank you for your comforting words, I needed them and will have a good night sleep!

Will do it now what you suggested and want to believe what you have just written to me!

I am so grateful to you just like many of us here! God bless you and have a peaceful night too! 🌟


:) xx Goodnight Ab sleep well

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AB2009, what you describe is what I had many years ago, in my case it was like hsving a lump in the throat, I too had the Barium meal and nothing found. It's a very common symptom of anxiety, loads of people on this forum have reported it. It's called Globus Hystericus. In my case once I received the reassurance of the O.K. barium x-ray I stopped worrying about it and it quickly went away.


Thank you very much Jeff1943 for your reply!

I am trying to accept it and is getting easier as it is not every day nowadays!

But, one worry is replaced with another, now I feel constant light tremor, especially in my arms, and upper tights with fast heart bits!

I think I do not feel anxious but still have these symptoms, can you tell me why, please?


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