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Need some help please

About 3 months ago at work I got very dizzy and had a panic attack and my vision got blurry. I havent been same since. I mean can anxiety just happen like that? I don't get it. I just feel nervous and when I'm laying in bed kinda feels like my heart is beating hard in my chest and I just feel uneasy. Just feel tired abd wanna be my normal self again! And I think this is anxiety just really never had side effects from something like this for so long. Can someone pleas give me some advice on this thank y'all

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Hi yes panic attacks and anxiety can come from nowhere and for no reason. This is what makes them scary. The anxiety you are feeling is your mind and body on alert anticipating another attack. There are many terrifying symptoms sufferers experience. Dont let the anxiety take over your life . Try not to Google because this fuels your anxiety by keeping the thought in your mind. X


Mine happened around the sametime. But theres ALWAYS a trigger for a panic attack. were you overly-stressed? this can be a main trigger. It keeps on happening cause now your in a "fear cycle". And the cycle breaks when you stop fearing the attack. not easy! but you can overcome



Hello. Yup, unfortunately anxiety can just happen like that. But there are things you can do to minimize the effects and manage it. Some things that have worked for me are meditation, yoga, exercise and diet changes. I at least recomend trying meditation. Many people on this site use headspace, it's simple and a great guided meditation. headspace.com

Also try and find out what you're triggers are and then minimize them. For example for me work stress triggers my anxiety, so I've learned how to better manage to minimize my stress at work and that has helped reduce the effect of my anxiety.



Anxiety can come out of nowhere and can stay till u figure out what's going on or it's just cause your always tense expecting the next attack

Advice woukd be learn breathing techniques and seeing if your doc can help you get therapy or meds

Hope you start feeling better soon



It's all normal! You're not alone, the best thing to do us to understand anxiety and panic attacks on either calm clinic, NHS of iapt, also camomile tea is good for calming.

My anxiety started from one random panic attack from a fat burner.

Anxiety is scary, it will make you think you're dying, try and understand it, I promise you will be fine.



Also, your trigger might be (and I know this sounds stupid) calming down. I started with panic attacks after a long period of stress. It came out if nowhere. There was no trigger. But my therapist helped me see that it was my body adjusting back down from years of anxiety and I have learned to recognise the post stress crash and (mostly) take care of myself.



Hi Chris ...oh anxiety hits like a surprise...mine used to happen mainly when I was trying to relax and calm down. Like tonight I fell asleep calm as you like and BAM!!! With the hour I'm awake sweating, shaking, pulse going speed of light, sick, dizzy etc when you least expect it


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