Help please! I feel helpless!!

I just need somebody to talk to. I can't stop crying because everyday now for 4 months I have had bad anxiety. I wake up with a new symptom every single day and I have had everything checked and they don't find anything and once they say that everything is normal the next day I wake up with a new problem. I feel so helpless. I feel like nobody understands me and are getting frustrated with me. I'm 24 and this anxiety just came out of nowhere one day and now it won't leave me :( how can I get rid of this??? I don't want to be on medication! I just need somebody to talk to :(


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  • Hi sorry to hear that ... In going through a rough time myself my Psych changed my med and I'm now regretting it .. I wish I had never started on any med ... Pls try to take omega 3 oil and b3 b12 and. d3 and some type off magnesium.. See if that helps with your symptoms I'm going to te and stop my mess myself as this new med is giving me head rush brain Zap feeling and I've been taking t for a week I called her yesterday and she was no help and said she can't so anything for me to keep taking it that's it's not the med but I know it's the meds and I haven't slept since 8am yesterday and been having trouble sleeping since starting the new med lie two to thee hrs tops ... Pls seek help from a therapist also .. God Bless you and how your feel better I was the same for four months also with all them symptoms even with medications seems like my body rejects then all ... Take care message me anytime ..

  • See a Dr and have him so a vitamin test on you all type tell him to cover it all ...

  • Thank you so much for all the information once again! I'm definitely gonna have to try some of those. I keep having pressure in just the left side of my temple. Have u ever had this before? Like I said a had a cat scan for it before and it came back normal but i just don't see how it can be normal or from anxiety. And I really don't even have anxiety symptoms it's more just like worrying that something is wrong all the time because of all the symptoms and weird things hat I feel.

  • You have had cat scan and and they found no problem. You are well. You say you don't have anxiety but worrying that something is wrong with every weird feeling is anxiety. Anxiety tells your mind you are not well, but you had test and you are fine. Dr has no reason to lie to you. Don't focus on yourself so much. I'm sure you have many activities you can do plus friends and family to hang out with. Do not focus on you, focus on others and things you need to do and things you like to do. Your weird feelings won't go away but you can lessen them by not thinking about them all the time. It's not easy but if you want to feel better, push thru everyday, all day. If you find supplements help, take them. Good luck. Remember supplements take time to work so keep taking .

  • @maggie91 thank you so much for replying to my post. And everything you posted is very true. I guess I do have anxiety lol just try to tell myself I don't have it. It's just a constant worry day to day when I wake up thinking " what is my body gonna do today, or where am I gonna have pain at today" it's just a constant annoying struggle :/

  • I wish I could have told you that you have an illness that antibiotics would cure it but unfortunately, our illness is in our mind. We have to struggle to reprogram our thinking. Our mind makes us imagine that every weird feeling or pain we feel is real but we know it's not. We have to invite anxiety along wherever we go to prove we will become stronger than the anxiety. We are healthy and capable of living a normal life. Just takes time and work even if we take meds to calm us down so we can help ourselves . Some need counseling along with meds, others are strong enough to defeat anxiety with out help. That is not me and I accept that as long as I keep getting stronger everyday. Remember you are fighting how you are thinking and only you can fight that battle. I wish you the best.

  • I've been here before 😕 ugh I hate it

  • Do you feel like a different person, im 28 im convince that something is wrong i have not been to work im scared n i just want to feel like myself again

  • Yes I feel the exact same way! I feel like I can't even enjoy doing things that I used to. All I want to do now is sleep and not leave my house because I don't feel the same

  • i hear you me too. my anxiety comes from a non-active partner if you know what i mean.

  • Chill ' breath Slow your self down

  • I sure am trying to. It doesn't even feel like anxiety it just feels like new physical symptoms that come up everyday

  • Everyday im scared,i have a disconnected feeling,do you?????

  • Yes, I've had that pressure feeling in my temple. In my case it turned out to be tensing up my shoulders so much that it affected nerves up my whole head and spine. It feels scary though, I know.

  • Oh ok thank you. That's probably what it is for me. It's like a tingling / pressure in temples. Do you know how to get rid of it?

  • Do you think if you ate a healthy snack or meal plus take an aspirin, it might make it go away. Worth a try.

  • If I take an aspirin, my irregular heart beats will go away? Because even though I've cut down on caffeine my palpitations are still there. Do you know something about it? Have you had the same or what can you suggest me on this one?

  • Aspirin helps with tension and headaches. I used to have bad palpitations that would wake me up every morning. Dr prescribed .5mg lorazepam which I took every morning. This calmed me down so I could get on with my day and work through my anxiety. It's not cure. My working thru anxiety is cure. My palpitations have decreased so much. You can also try magnesium, powdered form that you mix In glass of water. It works. Follow directions and see what dosage works for you. Too high dosage can cause diarrhea and stomach pain what worked for me might or might not work for you. Good luck

  • Thank you for the reply Maggie. My palpitations start out of nowhere, suddenly, which freaks me out because it's so irritating and it causes me to worry all the time about my healt. I consume foods and fruits that are rich in magnesium, potassium and they help me so much. Do I have to be on meds to make my palpitations go away? Because I've had it enough.

  • You are doing good and if it's helping, you are on the right track. But you should also exercise, drink water stay active with friends, family and other activities so you don't focus on it. When, you feel them, eat exercise and get involved in activity. It can be hobby, exercises, friends, even mundane chores like cleaning house, laundry, working in yard. Just focus on what you are doing. You will still feel anxious but not focusing on it will lessen it and over days weeks months you will be surprised at your progress. Really hard at beginning but push thru. Worth it in long run. You can journal what you feel each day and over time you will see improve-

    Ment. I always eat healthy, drink water when I start feeling anxious and then start doing something to keep busy.

  • You can also drink chamomile tea. Try to drink 3 cups a day to help you relax

  • Hi,i'm exactly the same as you,and i understand what your going through,my life is a living hell.i have constant anxiety,cant go shopping,or go out walking on my own as i think im going to fall,i cried for an hour yesterday,went to a shop,my hubby went in and i sat in the car,looking at all the women coming out laughing and joking,i just burst into tears,i really want to do all this,but i just cant,i can tell you it is anxiety,but i cant tell you what to do,because i just dont know..if you want to pm me..please do,as i could do with talking to someone like myself Miarose

  • I am the exact same way.I can't even take care of my daughter.I just wanna feel normal again.

  • well luckily ill talk to you. look i know we probably wont relate but my anxiety started when i had 3 redbulls. Look ive been married for almost 5 years. 1 of my main problems is sex i last to long. My wife cant hang. Next thing i know shes sleep while im still going. i wake up frustrated then i get weird pains in my chest out of no where and i dont want to tell her that she causing me to strwss out. i love my wife she just gets boring and i dont want to cheat. so yea anxiety can mess you up.

  • Hey Don. I feel compelled to respond to you. Red Bull is literally poison for those suffering from anxiety. Problem is, I love the stuff. It helps to keep me active although it makes my sciatica worse. Caffeine makes the neurons fire quicker, hence worse pain in my left leg.

    Don, you REALLY need to tell your wife how you're feeling because the longer you leave it, the tougher and more prolonged it is going to be for you. The pains in your chest are possibly related to chronic stress brought on by frustration and anticipatory thought processes.

    Please DON'T CHEAT. It will solve nothing. In fact, it'll probably create more stress in your life and further complicate something that can be resolved through open communication. The sooner you tell her how you feel, the sooner you'll find your anxiety levels easing off. BTW, please choose your words carefully. Don't use words like "boring". Alternatively, seek help through marriage counselling, preferably someone who specializes in sexual matters.

    Good luck!

  • Kimbosuki5, you certainly are in the right place to have people to talk to. The problem with anxiety is that it is intertwined with our thoughts and fears which then bring about new symptoms to worry about. I wish it were as easy as taking a pill. Not everything works for everybody. Short of medication, there are other ways to treat anxiety. From water exercise, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, deep relaxation tapes, message, holistic treatment etc., unless you are open to believing in these modalities, they won't work. The fact that others don't understand just makes us feel embarrassed and frustrated with ourselves. Getting positive reinforcement instead of negative feedback is very important. I'm a believer that something triggered the anxiety that you may not even be aware of. This is when counseling may help you get down to what caused you to spin out of control at 24. I wish you luck in conquering your fears. I'm new to this forum but everyone seems to willing to help others. You have taken the first important step.

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