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Throat problem please help


Throat problem

When the symptoms started it feels like I have a ball, the ball disappeared then now it feels like a pressure that cause discomfort when I speak, and drink water, i am scared because my throat sound a crack in the Adam’s apple. I have breathing problems fullness in the chest and many belches.

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Hi I know that feeling I used to get that sensation it’s horrible I’d eat and drink very little always afraid I’d choke and convinced something was lodged in my throat, but I promise you it’s all anxiety u need to take ur mind off it I promise it passes mine did, go on you tube and listen to Dr Claire Weekes she has helped me just to realise it’s can pass and we can all feel better, and ur not alone

Sweepy13 in reply to Blondiful


I must must must listen to claire Weekes I have heard of her before but not taken time to really listen

Thank you for your reply it’s helped me too

Take care .... thank you 😊


I have the exact same feeling it’s been like that for weeks I’m obsessed I google then I end up terrified

I feel like I’m being choked all the time then add chest tightness and ibs

Anxiety gremlins are running riot !!!

Take care ... we are not alone

Blondiful in reply to Sweepy13

I’ve learned that googling symptoms are very very bad they just put things in our heads that we don’t have and don’t need to think about, the symptoms we all have may vary but at least we can talk it out if I’m doubt always visit ur gp but I’m always here if u feel like a chat

Sweepy13 in reply to Blondiful

Thank you and I agree Dr Google just feeds the anxiety gremlins.... and yet so addictive

I’m currently seeing my GP checking out my IBS and all symptoms but I’m not one for tablets so we will see if I give in to antidepressants

Thanks again

Xanxieti in reply to Sweepy13

I am thinking that throat problem is affecting my lung , I have terrible thoughts like the food and drinks iare going to my lungs because I have short breathing 24/7

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