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Need some advice guys..... 21 yr old female chest pain

So I’ve had this problem on and off for a good few years now.... I get pains in my chest mainly left side and shortness of breath. Sometimes get dizzy and sweat. I have had bloods taken recently which came back normal and I’ve had a few ECG’S which they said were not abnormal but very fast. should I be worried that it’s serious or is this just anxiety the GP has never been concerned it’s serious but can I trust them?

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Sounds like anxiety and maybe even panic attacks. I too get these symptoms but they don't all happen at the same time, but I also get pain on left side right under breast sometimes. I have also had a number of tests and all are normal. It's hard to trust your doctor when you feel physically ill. I understand you

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Hey thank you for responding and yeah I feel like they could do more tests and they make me feel as if I am imagining the pain


That's the dilemma I have with my doctor. He brushes everything off but when I go to my next appointment in a couple of weeks I'm demanding more blood work to check my immune system and my thyroid again


Yeah they’ve checked my thyroid which took me ages to get them to do it even know my Nan has overactive thyroid. Mine came back normal though


take deep long breaths from your diaphram and hold it. breath out slowly. I had anxieties a long time ago that had me feeling like I was dieing. I did not know what it was. I do now and very aware of most of the signs. Mine now is reduced to everyday anxiety called GAD. Gen. anxiety disorder. Its less intense but still can mess up your days or weeks. Breathing is an issue and I would really look into that. Take deep and slow breaths. Its your brain telling you there is a very serious problem and actually its not that at all. Its lieing to you. Any problems you may have are not as serious as your mind is telling you. Remember that because it does help.


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