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Hi Guys. Some advice please. xx

Yep its me. My OH (yeh i am still hanging in there with the rollercoaster ride) has had cold/ flu..................whoops sorry MAN FLU:-) for months. Doesnt shake it off. Once he seems to be on the edge of it going away, it comes back.

I have said its obviously due to him being so run down. Who better to ask then you lovely peeps on here, Is it common for this to happen. I remember Ella saying after xmas the colds kick in. It just doesnt go away. Lovely phone calls with him coughing and spluttering down the receiver.

I know its getting him down, which doesnt help with everything else thats going on. He has been to the docs, this was to do with his sinuses and found out he has a broken nose, prob from calving and getting kicked. That is being dealt with. Referred to hospital.

Be grateful for any advice that i can pass on to him. Try and reassure him a little.

Love Lou. xxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Lou love

I'm no expert, and I know there are some nasty viruses/bugs around, which people are having trouble shaking off or getting again. The broken nose/sinus problems won't be helping either. I would suggest a visit to the doctors to see if there's any infection for which antibiotics would be appropriate - no use aganst viruses, obviously.

I'm sure there is a link between stress and the immune system, and if you're feeling low to start with, having an on-going bug isn't going to help. The safest advice i can offer is possibly a balanced, one a day multi vitamin and mineral tablet, just to make sure he's getting the micronutrients he needs. If he's on meds he needs to be careful with the "alternatives" - some of them can interact with mainstream drugs - if he wants to take something like that, check with a pharmacist first - for instance, ginseng is contra-indicated if you're on psychiatric drugs. Think the jury's out on probiotics - the yoghurt type stuff - but probably couldn't hurt - my sister takes one every morning and finds it helpful.

Sorry if this isn't much help, but there is a useful - if rather long, sorry! - article on the subject here:-

Other than that, I would recommend lots of fresh fruit and veg (like I take my own advice lol!) and gentle walks in the fresh air if he's indoor a lot - but if he's in agriculture he probably gets more fresh air than he wants lol! Oh, and lots of reassurance that a cold - even man-flu! - won't kill him!

Sorry i can't be much more use, but hope the article helps.

Lots of love




Hi Lou

This cold seems to be getting lots of us down

Well I had /have it , was dreading it , as i get sinus problems & when I have a cold it usually goes straight to them

This time I accepted for the first time in as long as I can remember I had a cold like thousands of others , I didnt need to go running to GP , not unless i felt I had an infection

It was not easy , but been on this site . trying to give kind words when I could helped take my mind of it & also seeing others were suffering & getting through & were just as worried as me helped

So 3 weeks later , feel drained from it , as you are right , i feel i take twice as long to shake things of 1st because I am already run down as anxiety does to us 2nd accepting it & resting till it goes , this time even though it wasnt 100% i did accept it more

I still have headache , still run down , last night I couldnt believe what I blew from my nose , but I feel really proud that I have behaved like a "normal person " well nearly !

A broken nose will certainly not be helping how he feels though , which is an added extra he has there

For me when I am of on one (as i call it ) just reassurance , mainly been told people have or no people that have the same & they are ok & so will i be , if that fails with me then someone saying "well if you are really worried , go to GP " that is the one that makes me sit & think "how bad is this , how much is in my head ? I realise sometimes its in my head & others I pop of for a visit

I am sorry I bet this has been of no use what so ever !

Feel for you , i have a long suffering hubby had to put up with all this , i think he pretends to be listening when he isnt & just makes the right noises in the right places (which sometimes he gets wrong ) then some how he has learnt to switch of on me !

He is lucky to have you

whywhy xxx


You both been a help THANKYOU. Like you say whywhy the immune system is in tatters. I know myself that a its a common cold that everyone is getting a them mo. My eldest had it and kept me awake one night coughing. Its just when you are run down it takes longer to recover.

Its just to try and reassure him and i use here a lot, as examples on how others are feeling. xxx


Hi Lou! Even though I am a woman , I still get man flu lol. When I get "something" that has symptoms everyone can recognise, I think I really like a fuss!! Probably because I have felt ill for so long with no visible signs...LOL so beware of us with a virus....secretly we quite enjoy it! Well I do...better not speak for anyone else :P x Ella x


Tell me about it! I`m glad to see that I`m not alone because I thought that something had gone seriously wrong with my immune system. Iv`e had 4 colds in all this winter, & the one that i caught on boxing day was bad, terrible sore throat & hacking cough. I`m so sick of being ill that I went out & bought something called "first defense", a nasal spray that`s meant to kill cold viruses before they take hold. I`m wondering if anyone on this site has tried it, & if so, how well did it work?


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