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I Have Workers Coming and this place is a mess!!

I just joined this site last week so I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. Very long story short-I had to move into my house that I also have a business at. Upstairs is the business, I live downstairs in basically one large room and a very small kitchen. I was living in a very, very large 3 bedroom apartment before this. So I have loads of furniture and everything else that I couldn't take with me. It's all in storage. However, I have LOADS OF STUFF that I just have no room for here. For instance, I like to craft, so I have tons of supplies in boxes behind the bed. ( No room in the very few closets I have.). I'm not used to living this way. I'm used to all my stuff having a home because I had closets, and a lot of cabinet space in my old place. The problem is, I would never let anyone besides my daughter see how I'm living. I'm very embarrassed. It's not only because of the, but when you just don't have the ROOM to PUT everything away, it looks like a cluttered MESS!!! Now I have to let workers come here to do some stuff and not only am I embarrassed about my stuff being out, but I'm SURE that it's going to make their work extremely hard, having to clear things out. Let's not even talk about the basement.😨😨😨 What am I going to do???? I am in such a panic over this.

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Don't worry. I am sure the workers have seen much worse. xx


What about them not even being accessible to work on things easily enough?


Hey, YOU are PAYING these people. And aren't you glad it's not a first date or your mother-in-law? :)


HA!!! I would never bring a date into this hellhole, and mother-in-law is EX mother-in-law.


So you're ok, really, all the way around.


How so??? Can't even GET a first date let alone show him my house! 😊


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