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Hi, I think I'm suffering from depression, severe anxiety problems and agoraphobia, How can I get help? Is this the right place to ask?

I'm not registered with my GP as I can't get there and I can't register over the phone. I have really bad anxiety and I find it incredibly difficult to call them in the first place. I also find it difficult to leave my house and the one time I managed to get to my GP they were closed for a totally random training day. I've tired emailling many people but no one can help and I don't know what to do.

My problems have slowely been getting worse for the past 3 years and I've now started having really bad panic attacks and I'm just so annoyed and frustrated at myself all the time. I try really hard to do normal things and I just physically can't and I don't know why. If I set out to do something, no matter how simple, I can't because I planned to do it and it's too much pressure. If I, I don't know, have bread that needs eating and I plan to have toast for breakfast to use it up I then can't do it. It's so stupid and so incredibly frustrating. I have a degree in the thing that I love doing and I'm so passionate about but I can't answer the phone if potential employers ring me, and I just can't go to interviews. I have absolutly no form of income and I can't even get government help as I'm too afraid to call them or go talk to someone. All relationships with friends are breaking down as I can't deal with talking to them, and I'm very aware that everything around me is getting so much worse everyday and I have the motivation to fix it but I don't have the ability to.

I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm not sure how to use this website, but if anyone could direct me to someone who could help I would be very grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Hi & Welcome

You are in the right place to talk to others that suffer with anxiety & know how you are feeling

I relate to the fear of going out & a lot of the other things you have mentioned due to anxiety

Reading your post I am wondering how you are managing to survive as you say you cant claim & have no income ?

The best way to get help is through your GP & even though I have agoraphobia , I can answer & use the phone & do get round things without leaving the house t much

Is there anyone a close friend or family member that could help you with this by maybe phoning the GP surgery for you & explaining your situation & asking what they can do to help or maybe someone that even though I understand how hard it is to leave the house but can take you just long enough to get registered with the surgery

Keep talking on here , members will have some more advise that could help





Thank you so much for replying to me, I really really appreciate it.

Currently I'm living off my boyfriend, but he works long hours and does extra overtime in order to be able to cover all of our bills which means the GP isn't open when he finishes work to take me. This also means that it's putting so much extra stress on him and every night when he comes home he looks even more depressed than the night before. I just want to get better so I can get a job and I can support him instead.

I can answer the phone to certain people but I can't just ring up and explain my situation - I've tried and I just can't do it. I just feel so annoyed at myself and I get really nervous, it took several months for me to ring up to register (at that point I thought I could do it over the phone).

My boyfriend has rang the GP from work for me before but they need me to sign paperwork and take in ID for me to be able to register. And we asked if we could arrange to come in and fill everything in and arrange an appointment at the same time but they wouldn't let us.

I don't know if I do have agoraphobia or what is wrong with me, but I can't go outside alone. A few months ago I made it to our corner shop but I haven't been out alone since. I go for walks with my boyfriend every night after work, and we go for longer walks at the weekend but we make sure to stay away from people. I aso think I might have a social anxity disorder as I find it really hard to interact with people and I don't like being near them. I'm pretty fine typing to people, although sometimes the stress of someone asking me something gets too much and it takes me a long time to reply. I don't talk to people I don't know face to face, and I'm currently avoiding seeing my friends because I find it so tiring and I don't like it all. I also find it incredibly difficult to talk on the phone to anyone other than my boyfriend, but it's easier than in person. I'm really sorry if I don't have agoraphobia, I think I should have made it clear that I don't know, and I'm just assuming it's that because it sounds most like the problems I'm having.

I know I'm going to have to manage to get to the GP to register but as soon as I do I then have to make an appointment to see a Dr and try to get back there a week later? And It's so stressfull and I don't want my boyfriend to take time off work (which he can't really afford to do) for me to mess it all up. And then when we did go it turns out it was the one day they were closed for a training day. And we went one day a month or so before but it was on a Saturday and they're closed but we didn't know.

I really really hate asking for help as I've always been independant. And I feel so motivated but then when I go to do anything I just can't, even though I desperatly want to.

Thank you again for taking the time to read and respond :)



I totally understand all your fears & everything that you are saying

It really does sound like you have anxiety which is causing agoraphobia & the longer we leave it with out getting help the fear gets worse & then the anxiety that fear creates as well as other things become another anxiety till so many build up we feel like you do & don't know which way to turn

It is good to be independent but also in life there are times when we need support & have to ask for help

I understand that you need the money your BF earns to keep you going & taking time of work means money but is there any chance he could find out what days the surgery is open , then put a days holiday in & take you or if it does mean loosing a days pay the advantage of getting you some help will benefit you both more in the end

Members are really good on here & so many have feared seeing a GP & they have posted right up to going to the appointment & because we understand the replies have helped to give them the strength & then they have posted what a relief they have felt after & how good their GP was that could be something you could do & hopefully it will help you to :-)

You really do need to be registered with a GP though as it is so hard to try & manage this on your own , give it some thought , know you are not alone with how you feel & people will help to support you on here :-)



HI kr x Oh dear reading your story , I cannot begin to imagine how you have got this far with no help? x But well done for that and Welcome to the community x You will no doubt find some great advice here and make some great friends who all understand where you are coming from and going to x I can understand you have a fear of talking on the phone but remember these people cannot see you and will not understand the reason you need to see a gp unless you choose to share the info, but please try to get in touch with them as they can help in a great deal of ways from medication to therapy x It sounds to me as if you would benefit greatly from talking to someone about your problems and in the meantime you can come and chat to us also x I am a fellow sufferer of agoraphobia not leaving the house much aside the doctors and such x I also suffer from anxiety and I have been undergoing cbt therapy which is a new congenative way of thinking which has helped me immensely x x Please think about the gp as its the first step to your recovery xx Donver xx


Thank you so much. I really appreciate how welcoming you're both being to me.

I'm really eager to fix everything but taking those first steps is just so difficult. I just wish there was a way I could get started from home without really talking to anyone. I've been trying for the last couple of years to pull myself out of this and while I know that's not something that can be done I didn't think that I my problems were as genuine as other peoples. I felt like I was just overacting and I didn't feel like I had the right to get help, and since then I've been trying to find outside help to fix it but I did so much damage not seeking help sooner that I'm now in such a mess.

My boyfriend really wants me to go to CBT, he had been reading into it and thinks it's exactly what I need so I'm really happy to read you speaking so highly of it.

Thank you :)


Your more than welcome. I can understand you are willing to fix it and thats really the best attitude to go forward with x U Unfortunately the Doctors is the main starting point x Even if it means you partner taking a day off to get it all going it will be worth it x This site is a wonderful place to meet friends with all sorts of anxiety and it will show you in some ways how they deal with everyday life x We all range in age and journey but share the same goal x Have u no family that can help you get to the doctor? Or a good friend x All problems are genuine and a one share is on halved x There is no overreacting just anxiety x Cbt is really good yes, but there are other ways to, such as Mindfulness and counselling x It depends really on the trauma and the journey you are facing x Keep posting we are here to help xx


I agree with what has been said in that the first place you have to go is to your GP.

I wonder if you can get a really good friend to help you with this or , as the others have suggested , that your boyfriend take a day off work. The benefits you will get from going to see your GP will be worth losing a days pay. Maybe you can budget the days pay you lose over a few weeks.

Your GP will be able to put in place support for you. Maybe in the way of meds and CBT ... there are so many things that are there to help you. I have been to CBT and found it really good even though it took a while for it to 'sink in' with me.

I feel sure that your whole life will improve if you can be really strong and make this first step.

Welcome to the site. There are lovely, kind supportive people on here. We are all ages and in varying degrees of anxiety related and other problems.

Deep breath.. be brave and strong for yourself and your boyfriend and make the first step in your recovery. Love Julie xx


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