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Having a anxiety attack right now HELP!!

Im at my boyfriends parents house and i just had To walk out im back in there now and my throat is very tight i cant seem to make it pass im worried its gonna get worse! Pls talk 2 me guys x sammy

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Hey mate

I hope you are starting to feel better.

Try going for a walk or watching some TV, something gentle to take your mind off it.



Take yourself off to a quiet room, sit or lie down, now just try and slow your breathing down. Take big breathes .... Now just let things ride over you.... All the time control your breathing... You are safe.... It will not hurt you.. Just let it go over you.

Check out " mindfulness" Hun, I swear by it. Hope you feel better, hugs xx


That's awful, but try to relax and realise its just adrenaline in your body giving you these feelings, I know its hard when youre in panic, but the more you worry the more it will feel horrible...... try breathe slowly and think of nice things or do something to distract yourself...........

Hope it passes soon.... it will xx


Is there anything you can distract yourself with. I try counting backwards from 100 taking 3 off at a time. It really makes me concentrate on that. Also if you can get your bare feet and concentrate on how they feel I.e. is the carpet soft, fluffy are my toes cold or warm what do my toes nails look like, I do find that works.

You will be fine soon xxxx


Oh I hope you are feeling better now :)

Sorry just seen this so no doubt it will have passed , but thinking about you :)





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