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Bad couple of days for me

As some of you may know, most of my anxiety is health related, went to the doctor’s yesterday because of an ongoing ear infection and to see if my chest infection had cleared, had to wait over 2 and a half hours before I could see anyone, and then only a young locum, only good news was that my chest was clear, but had to have new medication for my ear infection, then she said I had been given the wrong cream for the rash/dry skin on my face and it was in fact seborrheic dermatitis and not butterfly rosacea as first diagnosed, she also told me after my examination that I should have an ECG and new blood tests, it wasn’t until I eventually got home that I read the blood sheet form, it stated that the tests were for tachycardia, immediately started to panic and today hasn’t been very good either with anxiety attacks most of the day and had to rely on my diazepam to cope.

Sorry about the long post but just tired now and fed up with my health problems, Tachycardia on top of my Emphysema and Diverticulitis and myriad other problems means I am struggling badly, I live alone so no one really to share my problems with, sorry again for the long post but just wanted to get it off my chest.


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Have you felt any tachycardia ?, take it easy the ekg might come out good you don't know yet. Tachycardia most of the time is not do to an underlying heart condition and it's harmless if you do have it the doctor can give you medication to control it.

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Thank you, could be i'm just overthinking things at the moment because of my health not being very good lately, will be going for the blood test on Monday and will pop in to the doctors to arrange the ecg


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