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Why is it getting worse?

For about two weeks, even more, I have had no appetite for any food and constant nausea. Despite making myself eat little and often I think my blood sugar may have been affected, although I am not a diabetic, I am getting shakier which is increasing my anxiety.

Today it is worse and I am actually gagging and very disheartened.

Has anyone else had this? Please help.


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This is my first time on here. Yours is the first post I’ve read. I went through this about a month ago. Food just didn’t taste good and was hard to swallow. I couldn’t hardly get out of bed. My counselor shared that not eating correctly makes anxiety worse because it strains the body and the mind. She suggested Ensure drinks until I could get back to eating. Do me a favor, agree to eat some protein and drink and Ensure for 3 days. I think the anxiety will settle and you’ll be able to eat.

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Thank you. I hope you are well now.


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