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Getting Worse

Hey, I'm nearly 14 and I've been suffering from really bad anxiety lately and don't really know what to do. I went to the doctors and now I have seen the school councillor but nothing is helping. I've noticed that I've been suffering from anxiety from around 9 years old, but I have never received proper help of advice. Here are some of my problems:

I can't get to sleep without listening to some sort of music, because the silence scares me and makes me anxious

I don't like getting in cars, I don't trust them. I have to be on the look out at all times and I feel that it is not safe to fall asleep in cars and I have to stay alert at all times

Everything has to have, even just a rough plan. If there is no plan to the day I will most likely freak out.

I can't do surprises, I get too anxious and freak out.

I get irrational fears, such as I can't go into the canteen at school, there's no reason why, I just get anxious whenever I go near it and I can't go inside.

I can't do public speaking or I can't breathe properly/ I forget how to breathe whilst doing public speaking because I'm too anxious.

I can't be in a large group as large amounts of people make me anxious

Loud noises make me freak out and I have this urge to hide or at least attempt to hide when I hear them. My heart rate increases and I get all worried

I am constantly anxious about my friends health as two of them have depression and two of them self harm. (They are all getting help)

My friend has social anxiety so when we go out I usually end up talking to people for her, if I can actually handle doing so.

I get anxious about going to school which I do most days

I get anxious about going to sleep because I am petrified of the dark.

There are probably more but these are all I can think of so far. I was seeing a councillor who seemed to think all my problems were something that I couldn't control the situation of and I shouldn't worry about. I don't really know what to do. Any suggestions?

Jess X

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Hi GiraffeGirl2003 Most of your symptoms are quite common for the anxious person. I'm always sad to hear of young people having emotional problems as a child. Did something happen to you at 9 years old that started these fears?? The fact that your counselor is saying that all of your problems had something to do with a situation you had no control of makes me feel they have never been addressed. To say you shouldn't worry is not working is it?? You need to talk with your parents, guardian or an adult close to you...Let them know that the fears you exhibit everyday are causing you so much anxiety. I am hoping they can find a therapist who will work in helping you move forward. Keep in touch with the forum. You will hear from others who will be able to advice you better because of your young age. Stay safe dear.. x

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I'm not really sure to be honest. I think I may have had it when I was 2 because my mum and dad split up then and there was no set time for dad to come visit, mum says she thinks it started then. When people say 'Don't worry.' It makes me worry more because I feel that I shouldn't be worrying, then I worry why I'm worrying and so on. I let my mum know about all of my problems so she took me to the doctor, but all they did was tell the school and got me the councillor, but seeing as I find it hard to talk to people because I get anxious about doing so, I don't think it helped. Thank you so much for your advise x

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Hi GiraffeGirl2003, I understand more now where your anxiety has come from. The more people say not to worry we tend to worry. I'm all for school counseling (my own daughter had it) but because of your age as well as the anxiety continuing to cause you worry, I feel it might be best to have your mom set up an appointment with a Child Psychiatrist. The doctor will take all your concerns and address them one by one. In alleviating the anxiety it will reduce your worry.

I can imagine how this has played into your schooling as well as everyday life. The forum is usually meant to be for 16y.o. and older for safety reasons.

We are not doctors and can advise you only by our own experiences. Good Luck dear. I hope you get the help you need. x

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I do have one I remember reading about the herbal supplement called,Siberian ginseng, it's not really ginseng at all but it did help me with several symptoms I have had in the past one which was being startled by loud noises, freaking out. Check out some literature a little can't hurt.

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Giraffegirl2003,now that I think more about my reply Siberian ginseng,desensitises you from loud sounds and startling noise it may not be all around a good thing so use caution.

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