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My anxiety/disease is getting worse!!!


Im 16 and posted a few weeks ago as i have been feeling really ill recently and convinced i have a disease, i have been told i have anxiety but i cant believe it i just feel so ill, my symptoms are dizziness/lightheaded for most of the day, general feeling of being ill, headaches but the worst thing is just feeling like i am dying,I really need help i have recentky gone to hospital 7 times in the last few weeks and i have been prescibed beta blockers which dont help please can someone talk to me and tell me what is happening, thank you


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I'm so sorry you suffer from this, anxiety is worst when It convinces us that we have a disease, making the symptoms worse. Do you constantly think about your illness? Do you find relief in any activity, social sharing or anything?

brad2342 in reply to doudou87

I am not really going out at the moment i honestky believe i am dying, the only thing that helps me is when i talk to people that can relate to my situation and help me and yes i constantly think about it even when i try not to

Michael83 in reply to brad2342

I feel the excact same as you. Today I found this site and found that just talking is a great way to start to beat it. Good luck in beating this. If you ever want to talk I will always try to reply. Im UK

doudou87 in reply to brad2342

I know what you're saying, and I know it's hard even though some people around you think you over acting (It happened to me) but I know it's not that simple, it's like you've put yourself in a bottle and can't get out of it. Have you found that browsing this site and similar sites and reading other stories make you feel better about your situation?

How long have you been feeling this way? I hate that you're so young and should be enjoying your teenage years instead of thinking you are going to die. I started suffering with anxiety when I was 23 and I'm 31 now. When the feelings first came on those were the worst few months for me because I didn't know what anxiety was. I never heard of it or knew anyone with it. It took me a very long time to come to terms with it just being anxiety. The sooner you are ok with it being anxiety the faster you will feel better and be able to get your life back to normal. I feel like I wasted most of my 20s being afraid of something that wouldn't hurt me. I do have bad weeks now of lots of anxiety and panic but when those pass and I remember all the techniques and tools I've learned over the years, I'm able to get back on track to thinking positive and enjoying my life.

I really hope you are able to accept the anxiety and start moving forward to not worrying about every sensation happening in your body.

Im here if you need me


If you look at my recent post, in going through the EXACT same thing! It's truly horrible and I hope we can be free of this. At our age we should be out with friends and being teenagers but no, stupid anxiety is in the way of everything. If you feel any worse, feel free to message me as I'm going through the exact same thing. All the best,

Elley x

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