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Hello to the Group


My name is Malcolm.

I have joined two other groups apart from this one because I have numerous physical and mental conditions.

The worse are chronic back pain, liver cirrhosis, diabetes and emotionally unstable personality disorder.

Just before Christmas and in fact the day before my birthday I was given the results of a biopsy taken two weeks earlier.

I have Bowens Disease. For those who don't know its a form of skin cancer. I had most if not all removed during the biopsy. I now have to have another one to confirm it has gone but I now need regular checks to make sure it does not come back. It is a small treatable cancer but add it to everything else you can imagine it has sent my brain into overload.

Well that's me and why I am here.

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Welcome Malcolm, you certainly are dealing with a lot of Issues right now, Put your different ailments in mental boxes, you do have at least confirmation that you are now clear re Bowens Disease and it is good news for you, it is also positive they will be having you back regularly , i assume they gave you advice preventative measures you can take to stop it happening again. All you can do is take each problem separately and keep to whatever each clinician has said for you to do to recover/remain healthy. So as i said compartmentalise each Health problems you have so it is not as daunting. Most Importantly right now you have the all clear from the Skin Cancer which is great news, use this news to kick start a new way of dealing with your illnesses. Good Luck


The Bowens has not been confirmed as clear just yet as I am now waiting on a follow up appointment with dermatology to see what now happens. What I didn't mention before was that the bowens developed from an old injection site from when I was injecting diabetic meds in my stomach. The drug was called byduran but is not insolin. The drug leaves lumps behind which took over 6 months to fade. One lump turned funny and scabbie. I thought it was psoriasis but as explained was Bowens. It is not a good time of year for me. My father was cremated the day after my birthday 4 years ago. I got the news about m y cirrhosis November 2016 and now this. The news given to me the day before my birthday. My birthday is on the 22nd Dec by the way. What can I do but just keep moving forward.


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