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Hi. I am new to the group. I have been suffering with anxiety for quite a few years and thought it was depression at first and now I know the difference between the two. I am married and have two grown up children and six grandchildren. I do not have a very supportive family and have to cope with this all on my own. They just do not understand as they have not suffered themselves so I do bottle up my feelings so sometimes I am desperate to talk to some people who do understand. Saying that I am sure it has made me a stronger person xx


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  • Welcome to the forum!

    I've been suffering with anxiety since I was 14 and I'm 17 this month. Anxiety is truly horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    My family are also not very supportive, in the sense that they don't understand. They try their best to help but as you said, some people don't understand unless they've experienced themselves. I've been dealing with it alone until just recently (I now go to therapy). This forum will be a great help :) It's a place for advice and to vent how you feel.

  • Thank you Reba xxx

  • Bottling up things lead to anxiety. Anxiety is a symptom of something deeper that manifests into panic and anxiety . To understand how to stop it you must figure out what it is that is causing it . And then you have to talk about that. The more you talk the better you feel. .

  • I have no one to talk to within the family as they are not interested and think I am being "dramatic" (their words!) or over sensitive and should "snap out of it". There is no love and affection within our family especially my grown up daughter and my husband. I have been to a counsellor in the past but it cannot change the situation I am in other than I leave! I feel all my life I have been searching for happiness, love and affection and never had it and still not likely to get it!

  • Well I think happiness has to come from with in yourself . It's so hard when the ones closes to us don't understand . And anxiety comes in all different forms so it's hard to exsplain it as well . Well i hope that you can find answers on here to help you . There is hope . Take care .

  • Thank you. I now do a lot by myself and have met a lot of people. I also walk my dog miles which helps me and enjoy it. I have had to learn to get a life of my own but sometimes it's that closeness I long for!

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