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The anxiety is the worst part

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I need help man, for under 3 weeks now I’ve had this lump/buildup of whatever on my chest and idk what it is. Obviously my anxiety went straight to cancer but I’m confident it’s not. The lump is soft, small and doesn’t hurt unless I stress about it…..which I do a lot. My mind just keeps switching from cancer to skin lesions to rare diseases. I feel fine like I don’t feel ill or sick. The anxiety just causes pains all around my body which makes it worse. It doesn’t help that I just noticed one of my pecs is bigger than the other so now I’m scared of that. I want to go to a doctor but honestly I’m terrified of what it could be. Maybe I’m an idiot who’s been sat on his ass for 3 weeks whilst he’s had a cancer growing in him. That’s my worst fear. This health anxiety sucks. It was only a few month ago it tried to convince me that a tiny cyst on my groin was cancerous. I’ve tried every online resource of getting help but not gotten far. Reddit has been inconclusive with the responses and I signed up for a E-Consultation twice and it’s been almost a week and nothing. I just want to know what this is

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Hello :-)

To be honest I am struggling from the pic to see what is wrong but I know when we have health anxiety we notice the slightest change on our bodies and yes freak out and 99% of the time it is nothing

The best thing you can do is face this fear and just go to your Doctors yes you will feel fear but when they tell you everything is ok imagine the relief and I have a feeling even though I am not a Doctor they will give you the all clear

There is a saying

Face the fear and do it anyway

I hope you face the fear and let them have a look and come back and tell us what I expect everything is ok :-) x

Hi...I may not be a doctor but do get into doctor I advise you to see your physician. You will get a professional

diagnosis and hopefully relieve your anxiety and fears.

This lump on your chest could possibly be a Lipoma (a collection of fatty tissue)

or even a sebaceous cyst (a collection of dead skin). Neither one being Cancer.

Let us know when you see your doctor and what they say. We're here for support :) xx

Oh son, I am a great-grandmother who suffered panic attacks when I was younger. Nothing can make you focus on your body like those attacks. First, I would advise you to see a reputable doctor who listens! Get a second opinion if necessary. You have a knot growing so it is something, a cyst or a lipoma or something. Those aren't cancer. Insist on knowing what it is and explain your panic attacks and get meds for the attacks if necessary. Otherwise you are going to waste your most wonderful years worrying. I did it, with a caring doctor.

I agree with Agora. The first thing that came to mind was fatty tumor which is no big deal. Go to the doc and check it out so you can stop fretting over it.

Yea, Could just be a lipoma. I have one under my breast, on top of the rib area. It’s maybe an inch long. I went to a dermatologist to get it looked at. They can also remove it… and no ones’ body is perfectly symmetrical. Something’s are just going to be bigger than the other. Like one nostril can be wider, one boob can be saggier.

Hmmm maybe at least it isn’t anything serious. Any idea how I’d get rid of it?

They told me that if it was cancerous, it would be a hard. Mines is like, squishy….. Umm I don’t think you can get rid of it. It’s a part of us now lol massaging it, putting ice, it’s not gonna go no where. you just gotta go to a dermatologist they’ll cut it open, take the stuff out and stitch it back up. With out insurance, I think they told me it was gonna be around $1000. Because it’s for “cosmetic reasons” so I’m not really too worried about it right now lol I just don’t like how you can see a little bulge when I wear a tight shirt lol

Ok so you don’t have to have surgery or anything you can just leave it be? That was the plan but I don’t want it to get worse or spread. So far it hasn’t done anything so I guess that’s good

No, it does not have to be removed. It’s nothing serious at all… As long as it’s not hard or gives you pain, then yea your fine.

Quick question- what about weight gain. I would like to gain weight and hopefully in 10 years time be in pretty good shape around 160-75 pounds. Would it affect the lipoma in any way?

I really don’t think so. Maybe it’ll just be less noticeable

Keep fighting for that consultation. It will ease your mind. It could be another cyst or a lypoma. I know it's hard not to worry. But letting things go makes everything worse. Sending positive healing thoughts and hugs. Please keep us posted.

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