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I've been trying to work on myself after some really low moments. I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety a little more than half a year ago. Although I feel like I've made some progress, I am having a hard time with some emotional self harm. This is me kind of admitting I need a little help haha. I think it will be nice to just have somewhere where I know I won't be judged and feel comfortable sharing. It will be nice to journey with people who share a similar obstacle and a similar goal. I just want to be the best person I know i can be and help others be the best I know they can be.

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One day at a time my friend. I also have anxiety and depression. Some days are better than others but I try to stay positive. Keeping my mind busy helps. One of my meditations talks about how anxiety is an emotion just like all other emotions and if you can think of those emotions as clouds passing in the sky, they come they go and there’s blue sky in between. Acknowledge The little cloud, watch it past and move on to the blue sky. If you can stand back and just observe the anxiety for what it’s worth that’s helpful. This too shall pass. The key is to keep your mind busy and focused on the positive.


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