Don't lose hope that you can beat anxiety

I just wanted to share some positivity about overcoming anxiety. I realise it won't work for everyone but after a year of daily intense anxiety I'm finally feeling more like me again.

I've had every health anxiety symptom going at some point over the last year and really thought I had a serious illness. Visited my Gp several times a week, annoyed my family and friends asking for advice and Dr Google became my best friend. I tried sertraline but couldn't cope with the side effects so begged for CBT.

Its changing my life, I've had 5 sessions, its hard work putting new ways of thinking into place but I'm feeling 95% better. I've got my confidence back and have had no physical symptoms for 3 weeks now (longest I've gone in a year).

I know people who CBT hasn't worked for but if you haven't tried it please give it ago.

I've also had this forum to turn to and a couple of lovely ladies to turn to and share our experiences with. Good luck everyone, we can beat this xx


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  • Great to hear your doing well

  • xxxxxxx

  • Thank u for your messages, they really helped xxx

  • Oh no, I'm sorry CBT didn't help. What did they suggest after you finished your sessions? Is it possible to see another counsellor or therapist to try and adjust the way you think about things. Good luck xx

  • In so happy that you are better it's nice to read a positive story it gives us hope. Can you tell me what physical symptoms you experienced?

  • Aches and pains were the worst. Constant abdominal pains everyday. Scans showed everything was ok so realised it was muscle tension.

    I've had pins & needles, brain fog, brain zaps, hot flashes, excessive sweating, nausea, headaches, insomnia, excessive eating, loss of appetite, jelly legs, dizziness. They're the main ones. What are you suffering with? X

  • I get all the above symptoms apart from excessive eating, I also have a lump in my throat feeling most of the time, shivers , tiredness.

  • I had the lump in my throat too at one stage but just kept telling myself it was only anxiety and after a few days it went. Are you on any medication or having therapy? I'd certainly recommend CBT. I tried medication but it just wasn't for me x

  • I have been given sertraline by docs I took my first one last night and feel awful my shoulders ache quite bad, I'm stood crying not sure why think I'm just fed up, the lump feeling feels worse, feel generally unwell. I have a trapped nerve in my neck which makes my throat feel tighter and doctor says anxiety is making my muscles tighter as well, so going round in a circle. I've had the lump feeling for 6 weeks now, I tell myself the same or do deep breathing but nothing works.I am doing a 6 week stress control workshop one hour a week. I have recently split with my husband of 20 years and myself and my 2 boys are living with my brothers family (9 of us in a 3 bed house).

  • Oh no wonder you're under pressure. Feel free to send me a private message if u ever want to talk. I was exactly the same on sertraline but it can take a couple of weeks to be effective. My head felt so heavy while on it that my neck and shoulders were in agony every time I took a a tablet. While I was waiting for CBT I read a really good book by Dr Clare weeks called self help for your nerves. Got it off eBay its definitely worth a read. It helps explain what you're going through and how to adjust your thinking and not let the anxious thoughts take over your mind. It can take some time and perseverance to start to feel better. Have you been checked by the gp regards the lump? Every time you notice the lump just tell yourself its anxiety and carry on ,distract yourself. Anything to not focus on it. It will take practice but it should help. Hope you feel better soon

  • I have just got that book a lot of people say its good. I have had what feels like every blood test, scan, cameras up and down, ecg and all came back normal, since this all started i've had so many different symptoms. The lump feeling is just anxiety my doctor has had a look and says all is fine, it feels like a hair ball, or phlegm that u cant clear and when u try it makes it worse. Distracting myself is hard at the moment with all the aches and pains I don't like leaving the house really and im off sick at work. did you have any other side affects and how long did they take to go and you felt better.

    I hate taking tablets as I have allergies, I read the leaflet and then wont take them because of everything listed it freaks me out. I normally take amitriptyline for my IBS but had to stop it for this new tablet I had no trouble with that.

  • i experienced most of those brain zaps are a new one for me and they scare me so much.

    My main symptoms at the moment are shakiness, fast heart rate, that constant anxiety feeling in the chest, shortness of breath, fatigue, tiring easily, foggy head, DP/DR and the zaps.

    Thank you it's good to know that those symptoms are mental and can go away. Do you find they get worse before your period?

  • Yes mine were worse depending on the time of the month, definitely hormone related. I tended to focus on my low abdomen area too as part of my anxiety. My periods became worse, heavier, more painful, etc so with an increase in anxiety too I really worried something was seriously wrong. Now that I am relaxing more and changing the way I think I've noticed they've started to ease up a bit. Fingers crossed for you x

  • Appreciate your replies :)

  • I have felt dizzy light headed and off balance for at least 4 weeks now. Does anyone relate? I also have anxiety disorder. I started off with panic attacks and anxiety attacks, but now its just more worry and fear! Please help.

  • Dizziness and light headiness was the first symptom I ever had of anxiety. I thought it was blood pressure related but my doctors told me that was OK it was anxiety. Have you seen your Gp about the dizziness to rule anything else out?

    My anxiety is health anxiety and more the constant worry I have something serious wrong with me and fear I will die. The more I worry the worse my anxiety symptoms would be x

  • Yes I have been to the doctor over 100 times. I have been checked for everything. My bp, cancer, HIV, iron, my heart, you name it I've been checked. Everything was clear and i was fine! I recently thought I had a tumor because I feel dizzy and off balance, but I went and was checked out. Both doctors said I was OK that it wasn't a tumor it was just anxiety. I still

    L feel like something is wrong. It is just my anxiety that is making my feel like this? My worst fear is dying. I have 3 kids I can't die. And that only makes it worse.

  • You're like me, I have 3 kids too and this is my fear. Have you had CBT? Its what's helped me. OI don't worry so much now, I've stopped seeking reassurance from family and doctors and that's made a huge difference. It's that reassurance seeking that kept my anxiety going and kept the symptoms going. You will get through this x

  • Everyday is a worry. I'm always anxious.

  • Its the most scariest things I've ever experienced.. Every day worry and living in fear of ( What ifs ). I feel like I'll never get past it. I refuse to use medication for it. I don't wanna look forward to a pill to make me function right. I wanna feel right and normally by myself. I have never heard of CBT.

    I go to my mother for answers because she had anxiety as well. But sometimes I don't take what she tells me in. So I go and Google everything. And by googling I have noticed it only makes it worse on me. Because I believe everything I read. Its a fight with my self everyday NOT to goggle. I am stressing now because I feel pressure in my head.

  • It is hard to not google and not ask friends and family or doctors for reassurance that you're OK. CBT helps change the way you think, there's usually massive waiting lists for therapy so ask a Gp on Monday to refer you of you'd like to give it a go.

    My therapist drew me a flower on week 1 and described it as a vicious flower. The centre was my belief, in my case that I have a serious illness like cancer. Each petal she wrote what I do that keeps my anxiety going - Google, body scan. Poke and prodmy body, seek reassurance, avoid TV or magazines if cancer Is mentioned. Each week we've worked on me dealing with one of those petals and have stopped me doing it. So each week I've pulled a petal off and eventually there will be no petals left. As time goes by I've realised that what I thought was helping me with my anxiety was actually keeping it going and not helping me get better. Pulling these petals off soon there won't be a flower left and hopefully no anxiety either. Message me if you want to talk anytime x

  • Definitely wanna talk more about that. Please

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