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I just want to be happy and healthy again :(

Everyday is a new struggle, last night i felt my whole body tingling my eyes, my mouth my lips felt numb, now i have one side of my head hurting a lot. This can't just be anxiety, im afraid of dying :( im so sad i haven't even leave my bed today. Im tired of feeling like this and doctora telling me my heart is good im afraid of seizures too & strokes those are my main phobias :( please help!! Has anyone felt like this? I cant accept that this is anxiety.

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Chache, you say you can't accept that this is anxiety but to an outsider it looks like classic over sensitisation of your nervous system to me. You've obviously been to see your doctor and been told your heart is good but you're still anxious about a stroke and seizure. I must ask you, how many years did you go to medical school, Chache, your doctor went there for 4 years or more and has years of experience in dealing with sick people.

But you're not alone, most of us on this anxiety forum tend to question doctors when they say there's nothing physically wrong with us and instead we go to Doctor Google and always find plenty wrong with us. But do you know what, in the end it always turns out that our doctor was right and there is nothing physically wrong.

So that leaves fraught and frazzled nerves to be the problem and as our nervous system extends throughout our entire body it means that anxiety can do an excellent job of mimicing most physical illnesses but in the end it is still anxiety.

So believe a stranger when I tell you that you are NOT going to have a heart attack and die (well not at least until you're90☺) and all those aches and tingles and numbness are your over sensitised nerves firing off a few shots. And because they've got you so rattled you're adding more and more fear to your already rattled nervous system.

I respectfully suggest you get off your bed and go for a walk regardless of weather and remind yourself that unlike many really sick people you are very lucky because you don't have any organic illness only anxiety disorder that can readily be dealt with.

You deal with your bad feelings and symptoms simply by accepting them for the time being and not continually fighting and testing them. Accept the symptoms utterly without fear even though you still feel bad abd you stop adding fresh fear to your nerves and if you are oatient and persistant then you will manage to desensitise your nervous system and all these rotton symptoms will fade away and the sun will shine again for you.

How do I know? Because thousands of us who felt like you have done it and recovered so there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't too. And as part of your acceptance, when the bad feelings come feel all your muscles relaxing and imagine there's a large muscle in your brain and imagine and feel that that's relaxing and going limp too.

So that's the story, you're not ready for the knackers yard yet as we used to say in the old days (I think the knackers yard was where they boiled old horses down for glue) so reclaim your life, you do have the courage and willpower to do so and let today be your first dayvon the Yellow Brick Road to recovery.


Thank you so much for your response, i appreciate it alot. Its just i cant shake thr feeling of leaving my babies alone, im only 25 and ever since i had my babies was when this whole anxiety hit me and idk how to cope with it, ever since i read about stroke a side of my face feels funny and it always hurts in the back, i have been to the ER like 4 time did ekg's and xrays and blood work and everything is fine and my doctor told me im young to have a heart attack since i dont smoke or drink and im 115 pounds. It is just scary to feel my heart race, tingling sensations and the weird feelin on one side of my head it always gets to me :( even my hands feel funny.


Chache, I give you my personal guarantee that you will live for another 60 years and then some, certainly long enough to see your babies grow to maturity and benefit from your guidance and instruction. You say ever since you read about stroke the side of your face feels funny, that surely is a clear indication that it is your sensitised nerves that have prompted this feeling.

I don't know if you're in the mood to read a book that will be life changing for you, if not read it for your babies' sake, it describes in simple terms what I was saying before about the acceptance method. It was written many years ago by Claire Weekes and is titled 'Self help for your nerves' in the uk and 'Hope and help foryour nerves' in the U.S. available from Amazon and if you're not feeking flush you can pick up a ysed copy there for next to nothing. As I often say, if you onky read one book in your life this IS that book, it has freed literally hundreds of thousands of people from the unhappiness you are experiencing.

You will recognise yourself in its pages, I leave the decision to you.


Very well said Jeff


Have you ever felt like this :(?


Jeff. I will deff look into that book im going to order it now since i have an amazon account! Thank you so much it means the world to me.

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Yep. About seven months ago is when it all started And here I am... still having my days where I feel like that.

But I'm still here & all the doctors say there is nothing wrong with me. It's just time we start believing them. I think the more we dwell on how we are feeling... the more feelings we will have. It's a vicious cycle to stop and what makes it even more hard is the fact that the symptoms that we feel are the same ones that mimic horrible diseases. So that makes us think the absolute worst.

Today I was out with my mom and started having chest pains.... I almost started freaking out, but i stopped and thought.... okay anxiety here you are again..... I'm fine and your trying to ruin my day. Go away! Now I'm home cleaning my house... I didn't have a heart attack and I'm okay 😐

You will be okay.. I will be okay Just trust and believe what the doctors have told you and thank the good Lord that they didn't find anything serious

You CAN & will beat this Best wishes X 😊😊


Thank you so much for your reply it means the world to me, sometimes i just feel like this is it, but i breath and everything it's okay, i just have to occupy my mind into positive things not only negative stuff. & yes WE can beat this we are young we just need more people to support and understand us!


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