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Share a random cool thing about you :)


Thought I would try something new :) it would be nice to get to know some things about everyone so we can get to know each other since we all support one another. Hopefully this can help as a distraction to our on going problems. Take our mind off things. ❤ One random cool fact about me is..

I really like helping people 😌 it always brings a good feeling to me for doing good deeds. 😌 I like to be a person that people can come to for help!

Feel free to share anything you like!

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Hi there. What a great idea. I also like to help people and make them feel good. A little about me: I am a 50 year old man and engineering professional (who recently lost his job due to downsizing - first time in my career I have been terminated). My wife and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary next May. We have four great children between 17 and 22 years old. And we have 7 dogs and live in Austin, TX.

LoveMeg22 in reply to Sulley66

Awesome! 👍

Its nice to hear about everyone & to know about there situation!☺ How long have you've been dealing with Anxiety?

I am from Texas too!😃

Hi, what a lovely thought

I live in beautiful,scenic Cornwall Uk

I'm 61,have a daughter Sophie who's 43,and grandson too

They live in Koh Samui,Thailand

I'm divorced (twice) and have two big Main coon cats

I had 6 dogs and 9 cats,all together, for sixteen years

And ran a pet rescue for many years also,

keeping those i was unable to rehome

LoveMeg22 in reply to jennyjolly

Nice to hear! ☺

I'm amazed with how many animals you have ❤ that's awesome! The person that replied above you also has a lot of Dogs! Its crazy to know that people who sound like they live an awesome ordinary Life could be dealing with Anxiety, depression, stress & so on. 😮 how long have you've been dealing with Anxiety?

jennyjolly in reply to LoveMeg22

Since I was 5 when my sister passed unexpectedly

I couldn't speak for years as I stammered so badly

Both my parents had breakdowns and my mother became violent

I've PTSD, Hep C also

What has saved me is having a spiritual outlook

Best wishes :-)

jennyjolly in reply to LoveMeg22

Ps Beautiful pic

You are certainly blessed in the looks dept.

jennyjolly in reply to LoveMeg22

Ps Have to soldier on as the troops did in wartime

Draw on your inner reserves of strength etc

Prayer helps a lot too,

Awe you are very pretty. I love making people laugh, I am an Aries😉, and my favorite color is green! 💚My favorite people in the world are my nephews, and I think everyone is equal. I love tattoos so I have a few.😆

Thank you StayStrong ☺ ❤

What kind of tattoos do you have?

See, this is so nice learning about everyone! ❤ it makes me happy! It gives me comfort in knowing that we all relate with one another in some way & that we will ALL be ourselves & enjoy Life again! ☺ once we overcome this!

I have a half sleeve on my left arm of flowers and butterflies. Left wrist, left ankle, and right back shoulder. I don't get tattoos anymore now that I suffer this panic disorder, lol, but one day we sure will be ourselves!!!😊😙

Great Idea LoveMeg22!!!😊🤗😇We should get to know one another, we all relate and help one another. Thank you.

I have a normal 9 to 5 but was a musician and online radio station broadcaster. In the early 00s I was featured in local magazines for the station and band. The thing now seems to be podcasts so I'm gonna give that a shot at some point.

LoveMeg22 in reply to LDS32

That's awesome 😄

What kind of podcasting would you do?

LDS32 in reply to LoveMeg22

Gaming, heavy metal, ancient civilizations and of course tips for anxiety and depression sufferers.

LoveMeg22 in reply to LDS32

Amazing ❤ I Hope you follow through with this & share with us what your podcasting will be called ! ☺ I totally would listen to it! I need something like that!

LDS32 in reply to LoveMeg22

I'll let you know for sure. Thanks for the kind words.

Lovely idea Meg

Laughter, cats, the countryside ,my lovely family,being in love and knowing I'm loved,Christmas,relaxation techniques and lovely people who actually understand that having anxiety isnt weird and give support and kindness💞

I am a professional artist who has suffered with (anxiety )for many years. Unfortunately it seems to be genetic and has affected many members of our family. I am focused on answers beyond the catch all label of anxiety. Joined this group 6 months ago and the most common denominator is that symptoms occurred

Unexpectedly out of the blue! One day you where fine the next you had anxiety

Not satisfied with meds that mask symptoms I want to know what triggers this

Condition and cure the root cause.

Hey I'm 22 and they tell me I suffer from panic disorder

But it's been hard the past 2 months

But I like to play instruments and studying psychology

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