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Last fews days ive been using a Gratitude book i was given. Each day you have to write a couple of things you are grateful for. Wasnt until i sat down and thought about it, im lucky i have a lot to be grateful for. The last few months have been bad but i was surprised just how many entries i could write in the book. My first entry was "im grateful for waking up each day". My latest entry was "im grateful for making someone smile today". Its nice to have some optimism when things look black xx


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  • A Gratitude Book is a great idea. We tend to get lost in our world of doom and gloom, it helps keeping a journal that you can actually see in writing to realize it is a good life after all. x

  • True Agora. I hadnt heard of them but my friend got me one from amazon. xx

  • Oh...sarahjane I thought it was an idea from a therapist :) Thanks for letting

    me know. I know someone who can use one, my daughter :) xx

  • According to my sister I needed one too :) xx

  • lol :)

  • That sounds wonderful, "SJ". I've always tri to concentrate on the things I can do rather than those I can't do now. 🇮🇪

  • I do now Finglas. I just got into this negative way due to the onset of my anxiety and didnt realise it until friends and family pointed it out to me. Its still hard being positive on a bad day but i try harder now than i did. Its so easy to see all the gloom when you're going through this and forget the good things x

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