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Hip hip hip hooray,the sun has got his hat on and Im papering today,wall papering Im afraid and not outside in the sun,bit cold yet anyway.

So,day number whatever and still feeling pretty good,you see,it is possible if you put your mind to it and my point is this:

I am nearly 50 years old,I don't have a job or much money,all I get through my door is bills,by rights,I should be a bit peeved but Im not because,I choose not to be,you see,its that simple.

Nothing is ever that bad in my life that I should even think about feeling down,I could if I wanted to, feel sorry for myself and expect others to also,guess that would be an option but not for me,waste of time in my book.

There are so many people out there with issues far bigger than mine,real life or death situations,so,things get a bit shitty at times,so what.

I look at what Ive got and its all I need,thank you and goodnight!

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Haha, excellent, have a great day :-)


What youve said there is spot on.......... thanks for reminding me cos my head is so far up my arse right n0w I cant see the wood for the trees.......

So what if my ex and his mother choose to carry on with thier sad co-dependancy... Im outa there........

Any youre right someone somewhere is fighting for their life...... Time to crack on with my life...

Thanks for your lovely post and happy wallpapering!!



Kerry, your head is certainly not up your arse! you are reacting to an event in your life, your feelings are very natural but I can see in everything you write that you are a fighter and you are not going to let it spoil the rest of your life! Go girl !


:-) xx


castel, you are like a breath of fresh air! I know there will be some here who say they never feel sorry for themselves, but I know I do sometimes and I think you have certainly taken on the right attitude and found your get up and go!

I often had to stay at Great Ormond St hospital with my son, have seen children there with terrible illnesses and disabilities that would break your heart, but so many of them smile, and laugh, and get on with their lives and put all of us to shame.

It is often very hard with this anxiety thing, but we have to try to make a life or get our life back. What's the alternative?


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