Very uneasy this morning

I don't normally do this but I've been up since 5am when I woke up out a deep sleep with my vision very distorted I felt super lightheaded and very dizzy I laid on my back and it went away a little then came back ten times worse when I rolled over.....I grabbed my bed and held on because I was spinning almost ... I go out of bed and couldn't walk my heart was racing I felt weak and very off balanced and shaky I guess from panic.. I prayed out loud and asked him to give me the strength to walk to my moms bedroom, I woke her up and we have been up ever since not sure if it was a panic attack or vertigo. But I was and still am scared.... SO PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND THAT IT GOES AWAY COMPLETELY......


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  • Hey Ashley,

    I’m so sorry you had to experience that, it must have been an exhausting thing to go through. I have had this happen to me before too I’ve woken up feeling such confusion it puts me in a panic along with the lightheaded feeling as you described. It’s scary stuff that anxiety does to us and it’s so hard to know if it’s actually anxiety or something else since the symptoms are always so harsh like a slap to the face each time they happen I go thinking that I’m having a serious health issue. Just tell yourself it’s anxiety....It sucks I know but I’m here to tell you it’ll be okay. Always here if u need somebody to talk to. Take good care of yourself

  • Thank you I'm still shook up and this happened at 5am it's not 2pm...... Do u think that what I experienced was vertigo??? Or anxiety..I was sound asleep and woke up dizzy and disoriented

  • I would get checked out but i sounds like anxiety AND bad case of vertigo id go get checked out especially if it was that bad

  • Hey yeah it definitely could have been vertigo. I’m not super familiar with it but I see a lot of other people writing about their experiences with it. Are you in any medication for anxiety? When I was on Zoloft I’d wake up from a deep sleep with a similar room spinning and disoriented feeling it could be a side effect maybe?

  • I take 0.5 xanax only

  • Okay. It could still affect you you never know everyone’s body reacts differently to things

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