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Yesterday I really tried to help myself and my poor wife who is my carer.

Got up at 8.30am after a good nights sleep.Had a good long soak in the bath and a good fresh shave.

My wife cut my hair then washed and blow dried it.Smothered myself in after shave and body spray and felt quite good.

Got dressed in fresh casual clothes and then we both went for a short walk.It was my first trip outside since coming home from hospital three weeks ago.

I managed only about 200 yards before I was gasping for breath but never the less I felt quite proud.

We had a nice take away for supper and I went to bed quite content.

I had a terrible nightmare and woke up about 11pm after being asleep for less than an hour.After that it was chest pains...cold sweats...and panic.

Fell asleep again about 5am and woke woke up at 7am feeling like shite.Today i've spent in bed feeling full of fear and anxiety.

Is anybody on any medication that actually lifts their mood? If so I could ask my GP to let me try them.

Hope you are all doing well today


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  • Hi grogboy,

    I'm on Sertraline which once you get past the side effects have now started working I think, it's that or the sunshine lol.

    Speak to your GP about how you feel, I'm sure he will know what the best course of action is. Medication is not always the best route to travel.

    Good luck, I hope you have a better night. Love Cookie xxx

  • Thanks Cookie.

    You are a great help as usual


  • Hi grogboy,

    You've done really well, getting out, maybe you just over did it, take it slow and steady regular short walks, and use them as practice for getting out. You have to remember you and your body have been through a lot lately.

    Try it again tomorrow, slow and steady, no need to keep jumping to a drug everytime you feel bad, trust your instincts, be gentle and SLOWLY get yourself stronger, patience is the key.

    This will be a great time to practice, as you cant overdo it, and thats exactly what your supposed to do, not overdo it.

    Keep your spirits up, and give it another go

    Wish you well



  • Thanks Baylien

    Great advice as usual I guess medication is not always right for everybody,

    Trust Dover is not too foggy today.Good luck

  • Hi Grog

    It did rain, I took my son out for fish and chips in Whitfield, god I'm stuffed :-)

    Clouds breaking up now Wigan have won the FA cup, and well deserved.

    Keep at it and dont give up, its a rocky road, but worth every step.

    All the best



  • hi grogboy, o/h has been on sertraline for the last 7 weeks now , she had horrible thoughts going thru her mind , awful nights getting up at all hours, overthinking everything, she is now on mirtazapine to help her sleep + sertraline which definitely helps her low mood, hope this helps . take care.x

  • Thank you Newton.

    I shall be discussing this when the nurse comes to visit.Your help is always appreciated.


  • I'm on elffxlor(sp) for the last 6 years all I an say is it gave me back my life which I lost through anxiety. Don't wast your days because they turn into months then years I wasted years of what could have been a good life through being anxious. Now I don't have a perfect life I have a lot of health issues but I am living.

  • Thanks Copdber elflxlor is a new one on me I shall mention to the nurse.

    Cheers and have a good week


  • Happy to help good wishes to you, hope you can get things sorted out soon

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