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Re blog about work stress and GP not understanding!!!

Hi - someone - a new member, i think - blogged earlier about problems with work stress, IBS etc and that when he went to his new GP found him unhelpful and unsympathetic.

The blog has disappeared - and I am REALLY worried that someone came on here, looking for help, and none of us were able to reply at the time :( PLEASE - if you're still on the site, DON'T think it's because we don't care - we all care hugely for anyone who comes on here. Christmas is a very difficult time for many of us, a lot of people are struggling, and it may take a while for people to reply - but we DO CARE!!! There was also lot of information in that blog, so it would take people a while to "digest" it and think of how to reply most helpfully - we really do think about our replies on here, and sometimes that can take time!

So, if you're still about, do PLEASE blog again - there IS support, care and help here, honest! Don't give up on us!

Sorry, can't remember the blogger's name, but hope you come back.




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i agree with Rose, some people are busy as well, reading blogs at work just to feel safe and probably didn't have the chance to reply!!!

Please blog again, everyone is nice in here and suffer the same as you do!!




Well said, Rouri hun! Love, Rose xxxx

It's a "manic" time of year - and I'm not referring to the members of this group lol! ;) xx


Crap I feel bad now as I read them then got caught up with something else and meant to go back and reply. Apologies whoever you are. :-!


axegrinder..... I've just remembered. If you're still out there post again.


It is ok - I was reading the guides on blogging and deleted it because it was a bit long - came back with a short one,,, I kept what I wrote because it really helped writing it and getting my thoughts down!


Oh, Axegrinder - SO relieved you haven't gone off thinking no-one cared!!! Glad it helped getting it all out!!!

More later - just woken up from falling asleep on the sofa - its 3 am :( - bad habit of mine!!

Love Rose


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