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My sincere apologies if this triggers anyone in any way


I came to this forum about finding help from anxiety and ways to cope and to be able to help others.. but lately there have been a few posts about suicide wether it was a success or an act of attention this site is no longer becoming useful for me as there are way too many negative posts im super sorry for those who are actually crying out for help and i feel truly bad but this forum is not where you need to be crying for help as the membership and I can only give advice the true help you need is going to be from your family and friends those who see you on a daily basis we are just here as your virtual friends.. it has great impacts on us if you end your life or even discuss it.. im sorry and feel bad for those that do it for attention.. its not a joke its not something you create a forum about or make things have a timer..

if you feel the need to end your life please call the help lines.. or even call your mom and dad or your siblings.. this community can only do so much.. but every choice you make has an impact on the membership especially if you have had a on going conversation with some of the members.

Again if this pisses you off or makes you feel like crap im terribly sorry.. but I think i must take a break from this forum..

because its becoming too depressing and its not helpinng other members on this forum wanting to fight.. if members that are already suicidal see posts about how the other person attempted or had a set back they are going to see that and be even worse than they are.. its not good.

Its depressing for me and I dont even have depression. Imagine how people who suffer depression will feel..

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It's hard to read stuff like that for sure I have never been to the point of being suicidal but I have lost a few wonderful people to it, I hope you will stay on here your an uplifting person to me and I'm sure many more..

Its not the posts that are sad its just that suicide has a huge impact on a ton of people and it really bothers me that some people do it for attention.. but that attention has a negative impact on other people on this site to TRY suicide.. and what if that person trys it then they succeed? Like that pisses me off.. i am normally a very uplifting person but suicide I have lost a few people from it and I see it on a good basis when doing my EMS calls.. so i get them quite often

Yea I totally understand that I have a friend who is quit childish and uses suicide threats to get his way even though he knows about the losses I have been through it hurts me and pisses me off

That is no friend of yours and you must leave that fella for a ton of different reasons so please do yourself a huge favor and drop that friend from your friendlist or space yourself reom them a little bit

Yea I tend to just walk away from him when he starts that I've tried talking to him about it and he says now you hate me I might as well end it.. he's my fiance best friend but I just try to do me when he's around. 😔

Yeah thas a tough choice.. but again if its your fiances friend its much harder to dodge him but yes keep doing you and just shove him away or ask your fiance to talk with him

I will definitely see if my fiance will he knows how much it hurts me to and makes me angry and he usually tells his friend to either stop or leave.

Very worthwhile post

Very worthwhile post.

kevoreally in reply to b1b1b1

Elaborate? Trying to figure out if this is a positive comment or negative lol

Sorry. It is a positive comment. I thought your post made many good points.

kevoreally in reply to b1b1b1

I was just expressing how I felt about some of the posts on this forum.. admins need to step up there game and actually monitor the site.

I completely agree. Moreover, it is not appropriate to in effect take credit for someone else's

s------, if, in fact it did occur.


Periodically, several of the people and I do step away from this venue for awhile....meaning for a few days I delete the 50 or so posts that I receive every day without reading them because I invest myself mentally and emotionally when I answer. The negative or depressing posts can wear one out, unless some positive ones are posted to replenish the energy and concern I spent in replying to post.

And the types of positive posts I mean are not just the platitudes, the check mark that someone liked my reply, or the "Good reply", "I totally agree with you", "glad you are here" type of posts. I mean posts where someone has read or seen my post some time ago, or someone else's post, who is not in the point of wanting to just "die", but have reached a stable point. We could use a tip here or there about how someone handled a challenging situation in spite of the anxiety, and not just telling me to go read a certain book.

We are not the crisis center, but there are times when for a good reason become that. I can't do that too often or I lose ground.

So, don't leave, just take a break. And please, all of you who never post or reply, I would like to read something from you that may help me.

I "ran out of patience before my medicine did" yesterday....I could use some tips about how to handle that better. I would love to post what happened, but would any of you please reply with something other than, "well, that happens sometimes", or "You really had it rough last night"? I mean has it happened to you and what did you do?

I'm sorry you've encountered difficulties on this site as I wouldn't have expected suicidal posts on here. (Maybe on depression and mental health sites)

When someone's rock bottom and suicidal perhaps they feel it easier to express that on a MH forum rather than telling people they know who may judge them. When they recover, their family and friends won't have known everything, so perhaps it's easier to get life back to normal then!

Having felt 'that low' I would never say anything to trigger other people's feelings and would never say anything for attention but I agree that when people are depressed they are usually negative but that's the illness. I've found the MH and Depression websites here a lifeline as so many understanding people.

It really is awful to feel suicidal and so scary and I can't imagine why anyone would say they feel that way just for attention -- sad!!! I hope you can use the site to chat with like minded people and maybe contact the admin team to reiterate what you're saying.

Thanks for posting.


Hello :-)

These Communities are set up for everyone with Mental Health issues some worse than others and we will get lots of negative posts , if there were not negative posts then I would presume everyone was doing well and no need for these Communities

However I can totally understand that reading so many negatives can start to drag some people down and there are two ways you can deal with this

1. Skip the posts that you feel are negative and do not read them or

2. Like you say take a break for a while and see if you feel better in yourself for doing so

Some posts will contain people suggesting they feel they want to die it can be the nature of this illness for people to have these thoughts and by expressing they have or feeling this way can help them to be able to confide in others that will possibly reply they have felt that way to and it passes


Some posts will give concern when it sounds like the poster is about to take their life or have plans to , posts of this nature should be reported straight away to the Admins and if the post is distressing the Admin would usually take down the post contact the poster with relevant contacts where they can get the help and support they need

If you are reporting these posts you mention and they still stay on the Community then you could also contact HU and express your concerns to them

We have to remember that most Admins are Volunteers and have life's and give any spare time they have in trying to keep the Community safe and sometimes a site as big as this one there is only one Admin that is active , we have to give a thought to that to it can be a lot to take on in your spare time but most do their best and what I always say is this is free to be a member , does not cost us a penny which I think we are very lucky in finding such a site that is and we can also choose what we read and what we pass on but I will stress any disturbing posts that seem a member could be in serious trouble and need urgent help we must report

I think you have to weigh up the good and the bad about these Communities

Do you benefit more from been on here or is is making you feel worse ? which ever one it is then you have to do what is best for you :-)

As long as we do not break the HU guidelines or the Community guidelines which are pinned to the side of the page then members are free to post if it be they feel negative or positive we have all been in both frame of minds at sometime

Hope you make the right choice for you and remember press report if anything concerns you :-)

Take Care x

I think this is a delicate topic. Glad you had the courage to speak your mind. I get frustrated sometimes myself. It’s draining to constantly see I’m dying, what does this mean, etc. sometimes I have to think back to when I was at my worst. It was then I was desperate for anyone to just tell me I was ok. It was comforting when I had none. I try and look at it from that perspective. Some days I just skip the ones that I feel will impact me negatively and participate where I feel I can help. You’ve gotten some really good advice though.

It's true that there is a lot of negativity on this forum and not enough positivity. Some just write long lists of their symptoms and leave it at that thinking maybe the posting of the list will exorcise the demon. There are too few reports of progress and success.

Of course people can mention their symptoms in the hope of receiving advice from someone with the same symptoms but not enough follow it up by discussing their self help plan and give progress reports - or even report what's not working would be helpful.

But anybody who is feeling desperate and in danger of self harming should most certainly NOT be made to feel unwelcome here. These are the top priorities for us to try to reassure and advise and that advice must include urging them to get immediate medical help. If these emergencies are upsetting for some then the answer is to avert one's gaze and to read no further.

kevoreally in reply to Jeff1943

Its not the post ! Its the act of people either succeeding or not.. the act of getting to that point that is bothersome..

DeeM3 in reply to kevoreally

I get anxiety wondering how to help those people that are rock bottom. Helpless feeling knowing they may be taking their life and there’s nothing we can do. I felt like most of the posts I saw today were negative...maybe it’s the colder weather and darker days?

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