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One small word in the English language, one big question for HU - WHY?

First of all, I'm sure everyone on these sites is grateful to HU for providing them - they are a lifeline for some of us, particularly the old AnxietyUK gang, who were faced with the complete loss of thier community until HU agreed to run it for us. And - I'm sure loads of people have worked really hard to get the new site up and running, and are still working hard to iron out the bugs. So thank you for that, guys and gals! :)

BUT .... and it's a big but .... WHY so much change??? The new site is NOT as user-friendly, especially for the less computer savvy of us. It is much harder to know where you are and, even more importantly, how to get to where you want to be! :( And for those of us who are member of the MH communities, it's not doing our stress levels any good - sorry!

On the old site, you logged on and were presented with what I like to think of as a "Table of Contents" - blogs (now called 'posts') on one side, questions on the other. You could see at a glance who had blogged, who had a question, if there were any newbies needing help/welcoming, and could respond in minutes. Now you can't - you have to move from "posts" to "questions" and back again all the time, which some people won't have the time/patience to do! :(

I do understand that there are technical issues in building a website that are way above my pay grade, such as ease of maintenance, stability, security, etc - although I rarely if ever remember the old HU site falling over. As a lot of people have said "If it wasn't broke, why fix it?" I also understand that a lot of people don't like change; well, I don't have a problem with change (I WOULD let a lottery win change my life ;) ) - but change for the better is one thing. I'm really not convinced this comes into that category.

This is not meant as criticism, but made in a spirit of "humble enquiry" :-/ But, as I say - WHY???

Best wishes



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I most agree with you Rose but I say the same everytime they change Facebook and now I can't even remember what the old one looked like lol. Hopefully we all get used to this xx


Yes, you're right to an extent,, Ashley, but I would point out that a) most people on Facebook are computer literate, or they wouldn't be on it (my elder sisters could NOT cope with it! ;) ) and b) aren't necessarily struggling with health problems - particularly MH problems. Oh, and I don't like what they've done with FB recently either! :-D xxxx


Yes this is very true, my mums always getting me to show her how to do things on her phone or the iPad, must be generation thing lol :-) xx


Yes, Ashley, I think it is - I'm unusual in my age group (old enough lol!) in being pretty computer savvy, but i do know loads of older people who aren't - and my sister tends to ring me with her computer problems!!! :-D xxx


Excuse me lol

Its me I am just stupid , nothing to do with my age , always been dippy lol



Hi briarRose ;-)

I haven t been on the site for a while but yes this is a big change.If it works it s ok for me,Lol!

Hope you re ok anyway!hugs xx


Hear hear! No idea what's going on anymore! :( x


Hear hear Young Rose

I couldnt agree or put it better

So wish it was set out before



Hi why why

I haven t be here for a while but I m glad you and briar rose are still here.Hope u re ok.;-) xxx


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