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What is it with this 4am?

Nearly every night i wake up within 10 minutes of 4am, doesnt matter what time i go to bed!

I know for a fact the nights i sleep better the less anxiety i have the next day, but i cant seem to get a run of good nights sleep. Frustratingly ive tried everything to help get a good nights sleep but nope, there it is, 4am every bloody night pfffft.

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I have been waking up around the same time most nights then because I'm awake I need the toilet then go back to bed and just lay there, but I now listen to relaxing music and I find that unless the music stops I now sleep through. Maybe give that a go?

Thanks, i do tend to just lay there but can hardly ever get back to sleep, then most times i get up and go into living room. Will try some music tonight if it happens x

Just google sleep music or relaxation music until you find one that you fall asleep too. I use 8 hour super sleep music and it's great. So google it and see if it helps you. It's got pictures of cats.

Cant go wrong with cats lol

Lol true :)

I think it is around this time that the stress.hormone cortisol is starting to peak and the melatonin is at its lowest. The other thing is that your body clock starts to anticipate this waking time. I had the 4am waking for the longest time but the way I got rid of it was to not look at the clock because that was a reinforcement. If I woke up then I would just roll over and try to go back to sleep. If that didn't work then I would get up and do things that I had put off doing - like spring cleaning the bookshelf or folding all the linen in the linen cupboard. Do not get stressed about it because that will.continue the cycle. Just tell yourself "so What? I'll try again tomorrow ".

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