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It's 4am :-(

Hi anyone out there , or should I say awake at this hour , mind you it's boy abnormal I suppose , I'm kinda getting used to it , just made my self a cuppa tea & toast & try to relax feel anxious so will try take my mind off trying to sleep up hard , make it worse , anyone tried any natural remedies to help promote natural sleep ?. If i had a dog I prob take for a walk at this time help stop feelings of anxiety ,restless nervy feelings poss, will sip my tea hope for the best. Sweetdreamzzzz everyone Binkynoo:/)xx

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I love being awake at 4am, as long as Iv`e had enough sleep. It`s so quiet & peaceful in the small hours, no screaming kids, barking dogs & hardly any traffic.


Hi hairyfairy , Yeah it's not too bad il try work with it now can't remember sleeping until prob say 5am must've nodded off :-( but feel ok this morning. hope to have a good day hope you do too,& hope for a relax eve chat later Binkynoo :-) xx


Morning.... I hope you feel a little better now??



ThanXu Soo much Anne , I'm achey today in my mid back not sure if slept at all if a bit , it's nearly that time of month so could be that, feeling quite anxious worry feeling. :-) Binkynoo


I was awake early too. The smoke alarm must have been faulty and went off at 3:15 and just couldn't get back to sleep. Feeling better now though as went back to bed for an hour and then had a bath. Hopefully later going out with some friends.



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