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I have no patience today at's probably good I'm staying at home in my bedroom :)

I'm a placid person anything for an easy life very diplomatic, always had jobs that meant lots of problem solving so had to be....

Today I feel if someone looked at me sideways I would ask what their problem me it feels horrible, and my head is slightly fuzzy...but it's also kinda funny to imagine what people who know me would think if I turned and said what's your problem imagining their faces is making me laugh, it is so out of character for me...maybe after all my years of being diplomatic I'm sick of it and just want to say....jog on leave me alone, give me a break !!!

I'm sure it's just a phase for today and my frustrations with sorting out my Sickness benefit...all the telephone calls and the frustrations those calls can bring.....

Already feeling slightly better for writing it down...:)

But think I'm still best to stay at home today and have an argument with myself rather than some poor innocent person out there :)


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Hope your day gets better, the sun is out here but still can't motivate myself to get going today, got loads I could do, not even dressed yet!

Take care x


Hi Eta and thanks.

The sun is lovely but can make us feel guilty as we think we should be motivated, hope we get a lot more sun this year, and hopefully on our good days when we can embrace it, instead of it annoying us cos we can't get motivated....I'm not going to fight today I'm just going to chill, I should take a piece of my own advice and get a nice bubble bath and relax :)

Hope you feel better soon, don't be too hard on yourself you have done soooo much



Hey Mrs...........

Im like you and have recently felt very irritable........... but it hasnt bothered me to retort to the people that have warranted it.............

Im am so so sick of being walked over and Im making a real effort to stop this happening......... When people know you have a gentle nature, they take the p@ss.......

Ive realised this more and more.............. this used to get me down too.............

I hope that now the day is nearly over you are feeling a little better???





Lol, I feel like that most days and it's best for everyone that I don't leave the house. I just have to think people are looking at me weird to kick off. I'm not very diplomatic and have a sharp tongue.

I often feel uptight about feck all lol, people who know me know what I'm like so ignore me when I'm being like that, which can wind me up more. What's a girl to do lol. Anger management didn't work. Xxxx hope your calmer now :-(


You do make me laugh thank you not really any calmer...I get a knot in my stomach when I get angry I guess it must be to do with the anxieties....

Tomorrow is a new day lets hope I don't have my angry head on or I will have to rename myself chuckie :). Xx


Lol, I've got the red hair and a bloody big knife so all I need now is the dungarees, Iol, I can blame the massacre on the film :-) xxx


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