How can I get help for anxiety? I am seeing my doctor tomorrow after suffering for years. I am no good at words but should I write it down?

I am 33 years old and for over 5 years I've had issues with, what I feel, anxiety. Over the last month I've had fast heartbeats, cheekbone and headache pain. I want this sorted out now. I can't cope alone anymore. I know words would fail me at the doctors so maybe I should write it down. Would he laugh at me? Any advice would be great


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  • I think if you can't say it,then yes,write it down.Have to say,my doctor was very supportive,and didn't laugh at me.You'd be suprised at how many people actually suffer from anxiety,doctors are pretty clued up on it now.Good luck(and please post how you got on)

    Best wishes


  • Hello

    You do sound like you are suffering with anxiety , headaches & pains in your face can be can be because we tense our muscles when feeling anxious , sometimes we dont even realize we are doing it

    Missed heart beats or palps are another symptom , lots suffer with to

    A lot of us can feel very worried about going to see our GP yet so many suffer , nothing you say , they will have not heard before & if you have a good GP , they should be very supportive

    Have you thought before you go what kind of help you would like

    Some are very happy to take meds & they do work for lots of people , others prefer not to & feel counselling would be best or even both , its worth giving it a thought

    Yes write down everything , imagine you were doing a post on here & say it just how it is , & when you get there , just say I am struggling , would you read this please & pass it them , they will not laugh , so many of us have done this & I have never heard anyone been laughed at & neither will you be

    Let us no how you get on & hope you will keep talking on here as people will try & support you as well & it does help to no someone is listening & you are not on your own

    Good Luck




  • Hello

    Sit down with a hot drink a pen and paper and list the problems you have, sometimes it pays to have a double appointment and tell him all what it is about. I am always laughing at me, so do not worry tell him what is going on it will be as serious as what the condition is. Also be responsive to all his suggestions, remember you are in partnership with your GP and He takes your health very serious.

  • Thanks to everyone who has posted. I have started my list and seeing it in print looks more real to me now. I know they won't laugh at me but in my head they will be. I will post tomorrow once I've seen him

  • Good luck :-)

  • Saw my doctor who read my list and said yes it's anxiety. She gave me a website called Mood Gym and she asked me to see if I can cope with it for a while and it might go away

  • Sometimes the very fact that you've been to a doc and she's reassured you that it IS anxiety, and nothing more that requires immediate medical attention, can in itself be a help in making you feel more relaxed. I am not in any way belittling the symptoms and problem associated with anxiety but just naming it and acknowledging "I'm having a period of anxiety" is a start towards understanding it and, hopefully, gradual improvement.

    Most doctors seem to take the "let's see if you can get yourself out of it without medication" approach these days. Keep talking on here and if you're offered some counselling or other talking therapy that might be helpful for you too. If you see no improvements, or your symptoms seem to be even worse in a few weeks, please go back to your doc for more help. Don't hesitate to do so and don't feel you've failed if you can't get over the anxiety on your own.

    Wishing you wellness :)

  • Before you see your GP, just write down the things you want to discuss in bullet points. I did that when I went to see my GP when I suffered with anxiety and depression. My GP really appreciated it as I struggled to explain what symptoms I had and he said that he could find out what I wanted to tell him when I wrote it down.

    I am fortunate enough to have recovered but it did take time (over 12 months) receiving support from a support worker with going out to places. I now have a job as a support worker helping people who have similar issues to what I had when I was unwell. Please, keep going, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

  • I went to my GP and wrote all my feelings and symptoms on a sheet of paper. She didnt seemed surprised an didn't make me feel embarrassed. Good luck

  • Cardiff Mind has a course called Coping With Anxiety which I am planning to do. I feel anything which can help me with this will be worth well. Also knowing I can talk to you on here is also a great help :)

  • Why I am feeling worse today? I feel dizzy and wobbly, also my shoulders are achy. I had hope talking and getting some help would work but not at all!

  • I am going to Cardiff Mind on Thursday for a chat. Right now I've got pain in my left heel so that's going my head in. I am hoping my anxiety will go away soon

  • Hi Cardiff girl, I know exactly how u feel I turned 30 4 months ago 5 weeks later whilst sitting at work I had a palpation where I felt my heart had stopped for a second I panties but let it pass. Then a few days later the same thing happen but was weird and more of a flutter that makes me want to cough. I zoned in to this and panicked I had heart disease as my mum has angina and had a heart attack in her late 30s but she was a very heavy smoker. I was sent for several heart tests and scans that all showed normal. There is a alight change on my ECG but it has no significance as I have low bp don't smoke drink and have a normal cholestrol. I seen a top cardiologist and he reassured me at the time however I now have massive health anxiety and have currently been off work 3 months and can't be alone. I have started some exposure therapy and today I walked the dog down a very short road alone. As a result of thisi have had a horrible chest pain most of the day and that had me worrying and goggling which is a no no!! Your doing well at least you have gone to your doctor and that's the first step you an take I have chosen no to take regular medication I have something to calm me if needed but I have not needed them. I also visited a&e about 8 times twice my ambulance and I have not had to do that for many weeks now xxxx

  • I am now feeling dizzy. My back tingles and I feel light footed. I am scared it's MS now. I can't understand why this is happening now but maybe it's just a new thing and will go away soon

  • I had that last night I sat here with my boyfriend watching tv and felt fine then I jumped up as my head was swimming and dizzy it came from no where which made me panic. I got a basic book on anxiety and I believe I have health anxiety and panic disorder. With panic disorder the symptoms come on u from no where, chest pain palpitations, dizziness ect and make u think ur dying as they are severe and horrible. I would think maybe u also have this as there are no explanation of the symptoms. I have been checked and told iam fine so whys it still happening? Because it's happening I fear it's a warning and iam really ill and no one believes me does that make sense? I don't know do u feel the same? My boyfriend tells me it's been going on months if it was bad something would have happened by now I try and believe this. I think the key is to think it's happening but it's doing nothing other than making me fear my life, fear death and not enjoy what I have anymore xxx

  • I tell people about this and get called a drama queen. They say if you were sick, it would have been found in blood tests or scans (had a few over the years!) but it don't help me. Maybe this feeling will go soon because it does my head in (so to speak)

  • I know how I feel people think Iam being a hypochondriac but I guess Iam. See Iam a nurse and my knowledge doesn't help me in the slightest. It's like me I had 12 ecgs a 5 day ECG recorder and echo scan and bloods seen a top cardiologist and been to a and e so many times and they all say my heart is healthy. But because I get pain and palps I panic they are wrong but what do I know! There was a small change on my ECG but he was not concerned is that has to be evident with high bp and cholestrol and mine are normal and I don't smoke or drink. I think that's at the back of my mind and makes me worse. I so wanted today to be a good day lol. Are u busy today? Got much planned? I think we will take the dog out soon this has been my helping hand I must say. Xxx

  • Just went shopping with my Mum. My left foot feels heavy and I still felt wobbly but no one said a word about it. So I am the only person who can feel and see this? Ah it's doing my head in

  • I think that's like me I look well loosing weight but feel awful and ill. That's the trouble with anxiety it makes u feel all these things but it's not apparent to anyone else. I can't go anywhere alone. Even when I have a bath I need to leave the door open and know someone is not far away. How macs this my boyfriend is seeing his friends next Saturday Iam 16 steps ahead to make sure my mum or sister is at home with me all day so Iam not alone. I feel frightened of life and I was never like this before xxx

  • I take Naproxen for jaw pain. I read it can make you feel dizzy so maybe that's why I am feeling like crap and also flu session has started. Maybe, well just maybe, its why this is going on.

  • Is that a pain killer? Yes it is the season for bugs :-( hopefully it passes soon. How's ur day gone? U up to much this eve? Xx

  • Yeah Naproxen is used for joint pain and is very strong. I am no longer taking it now. Today I went shopping, watched Miranda Season 2 and Friends. I also found if I am not always thinking of being unwell I can be normal so I got to try and do that more often now

  • Yes that's what I do I cleaned the house from top to bottom and done all the jobs and Iam conscious of it but I forget too. Trouble is I now have a headache. How is ur jaw pain now u have stopped the meds?

  • Jaw seems to be fine. I went to the shops this morning for papers and had a good walk, I still feel strange but I'm sure it will be ok. Just take deep breaths and chill out

  • That's exactly it I feel very dizzy and shakey today to going to have a long walk with the dog :-)

  • I am in trouble. Last Sunday I called my Aunt up crying and unable to talk, I felt like I was having a heart attack. Now I didn't tell my Mum (her sister) what had happened. Mum found out today and well went off at me. I feel I can't talk to my Mum at times when feeling so down. Dizzy feels have gone and I've got pin and needles now. I went to tell her but she just acted like I am being a drama queen as always! See this is why I can't open up to her

  • I've been on my feet for 6 hours and feel normal. I did notice today no one stands totally still, so maybe I am not going mad. I did talk to someone in Boots today, he said it's normal signs of Anxiety so don't worry about it. He did say if it get's worse tell the doctor. Also when I am cold, my legs ache. Maybe it;s the cold effecting me

  • Iam always cold and getting sore legs so that could be connected xxx

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