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Are you guys missing your oldselves before anxiety?

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I do miss the old me. Then im such an energentic person, i used to laughed a lot, i make other people happy, im active, i do house chores, im healthy and im motivated to do anything. But now its all diferrent when i had an anxiety i dont have motivation to do anything, im always tired, i dont have energy, when i did something i get tired easily, i get sick easily, i feel always light headed and spaced out. im always stressed even in small things also i waorry alot and so on. Does anyone experienceo this or miss their oldselves??

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Absolutely! But.. im sorry we must accet where we are in order to progress forward through these nightmarish days

I used to. Since I've had counselling and worked on my anxiety issues, triggers and self esteem I am a new me and starting to love myself more warts and all. All about acceptance and looking forward. Anxiety is awful at its worst but it helped me to get to know myself and face up to my problems x

I feel exactly like u....Ive had anxiety so long I cant even remember when I used to feel good...My situation is very stressful, I have a son with Autism and a partner who has Ocd/Depression and 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with Aspergers, Ocd and Ptsd....Difficult is an understatement but all we can do is fight...:) I know its really hard especially the tiredness, makes it even more cruel....wish I could start from the beginning again...sending hugs :)

Aww. Yess all we can do is fight.😊

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That ship has sailed and in the end I waved it off. I don't want to be who I used to be in some respects because who I used to be made me end up where I was, ill in my head. A new me with a different attitude is here now and if I'm honest, it was needed.

Absolutely!! The old me was awesome, I was always on the go laughed constantly was the life of the party.. now I'm terrified of going out of town can't even enjoy dinner with my fiance my kids are missing out on fun things cause I'm to scared to take them.. It's aweful! :(

Yea its so frustrating 😊

Made a post about this a while back you are not alone sometimes I sit and think about how I was before anxiety how I used to be able to talk to anyone and give good comebacks when it came to people who would insult me and just seeing happy and carefree I feel you bro 100%

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Yess i just read your post😊

This really got me thinking. I do miss the old me as I was always the life and soul of the party, fearless and confident. Always the first to react to situations, stand up and be the first to say when something was wrong. Then it occured to me the old me was still anxiety driven led by adrenaline. Its just two sides of the same coin really. Ive never had balance just either totally wired to take on the world or deep in my head terrified of my own body.

In some ways I do. Like, I've grown and and learned many new things which makes me glad to be where I am now. But I also miss the days where anxiety didn't rule my life and gave me obsessive thoughts and memories. :(

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Yes! I would do anything to get the old me back.

I used to be super outgoing and just tried my best to enjoy my life.

Now I just feel miserable because I want to go out and I do but when I’m out I always feel anxious so I never enjoy myself.

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I relate very much to this...that's the worst part...getting out in the first place in my case, then like u said, cant even enjoy it..Im supposed to be going to see a film and already my stomach is sore....wish I was back to how I used to be....:)

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I feel for you. It’s horrible. Id do anything to be back to the old me.

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Youre not alone .....Imanaged to go to the cinema but felt shaky and had poor concentration all the time I was there...worst part is not knowing why u feel so scared....Hugs

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