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It works.

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I just wanted to take some time and pass along something positive. As a person who deals with anxiety and panic daily, I’ve really been trying to set the narrative. I’ve been reading books and applying the techniques. So far it has been a positive experience. In the past I would start feeling good and think ok I’ve beat this. Only to have a major panic attack afterward and lose all my momentum. For me the pattern would then start over, and the cycle continued. My downfall being thinking I was through with anxiety. What I needed to learn was I’ll never really be through with anxiety. It will always be there. I don’t have a choice there. What I do have a choice of is how I let it affect me. I’ve had an ok few weeks. I’ve had some anxiety come on and I worked through it. I’ve gotten out of the house and just been living the best life I was capable of. I knew that I would have a setback and patiently waited for it. So tonight I was watching tv and felt the warm flush. I was slightly tired so I decided to lay down and nap. I woke up to a huge panic attack. Sweats, shakes, nerves, the whole 9. I immediately used the steps I’ve learned and waited for it to pass, and it did. By no means am I trying to boast. I just want all of those suffering to know that they can have power over this. They can still live a normal life. Take the first step and allow yourself to lead. It does get better.

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Hi have you been reading Dr Claire weekes books ? I read her book and she has everything about anxiety and how to get your anxiety better by accepting all it throws at you.I agree anxiety is always there but you can accept it and have a good life.hope you continue to feel better.well done.

I did read that also read the DARE book which is slightly easier to follow for me. He references her as well though. It’s a modern version of her steps.

Not heard of the DARE .did you purchase it from Amazon ? Thank you for your reply I'm in England.

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jessiejakes, it's a good book as well x

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jessiejakes in reply to Agora1

Thanks agora1 how are you keeping ? Hope you are doing good and enjoying life.will look up the Dare .but I'm a huge fan of the late Claire weekes did you know her son is following in her foot steps.

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jessiejakes, I did not know her son is following in his mom's foot steps. Wow that's wonderful. I will have to look into that. Thanks for letting us know. :) x

Yes I purchased it on amazon. There is s workbook available also which I have.

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The DARE Response by Barry McDonagh is awesome and there is now a new workbook just released a couple of weeks ago. I PROMISE you it will change your life for the better. Worth every cent or penny. There are also several amazing facebook forum pages where like minded anxiety dude and dudettes offer kind support and encouragement. If you do nothing else, buy this book!

True true true! DARE is amazing.

You're right the expectation that it will go away for good can be a problem in getting better, not to say that some people don't recover and live anxiety free that is possible too, but I think as a first step is to expect it may always be there and as you say we need to work on how we let it affect us.

So glad you are having positive results and your post was a good reminder for me too thanks :)

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