Does medication actually work?

I've been trying to push through this whole anxiety attacks but it really isnt working. I've been suffering for a while for the last like 6 months. Just seems to get better then worse. For example I had one heck of an anxiety attack tonight. I felt the adrenaline going through me and my heart started racing and felt like I was gonna pass out and felt like i couldnt breath. This is just getting old cant take it anymore. My doctor really wants me to try medication again and people i've talked to with anxiety and anxiety attacks say medication does help just give a push with recovery. Any tips. Im so stubborn to take any medication. Like I barely even take anything for pain or a cold.


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  • Hi Adamj, I think most of us have been stubborn in taking any medication because of our fear of meds. It gets to a point where we need that break even for just a little while. Adamj, if your doctor feels you need to try medication again, why don't you give it a go? The only thing is when on medication, don't just sit back and let it do it's thing. You need to work with other modalities that will help your anxiety along as well. Don't forget the meds are just a crutch/a Band-aid for a short time whereas the techniques you work on will be longer term. Let us know what you decide to do. Wish you well.

  • Hi Adamj, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I also do not like taking medicine, but there came a point about a month and half ago I knew I could not handle the anxiety on my own, so off to the doctor I went. I am now on a low dose of medicine that is truly helping the panic/anxiety.I know its only temporary till I even out,,, I also find that when I take better care of my self /exercise /supplements ..I feel better :)

  • Can I ask what medication u are on for anxiety? I've been given propranolol 40mg but am terrified to take them nd my anxiety is so bad right now

  • Hello Lyns

    I take propanolol and it really helps me. It's a beta blocker which helps with palpitations and anxiety. Try it at 20 mg and see how you feel if you are worried.


  • Did u have any side effects? I have 2 children and I'm worried I'm going to feel funny and not be able to look after them properly if I take the beta blockers. Doctors prescribed me 40mg but do u think if I halved it then that would be okay or not? Thanks

  • Hi again Lyns

    I have been taking propanolol for 3 years. The Dr prescribed 40mg 3 times daily at first. After a while I decided to halve the dose to 20 mg 3 times daily. This works for me but if I feel particularly anxious for some reason then I temporarily increase it again. I haven't had any side effects from this. I don't take any other medications


  • I'm going to give it a try tonight as that's when it happens most on night time. Did u just cut ya 40mg tablets in half to give u the 20mg dose as I only have 40mg tablets at home? I haven't been back to doctors for a while but last time I was there a few month ago they give me the propranolol. I'm trying to get an appointment at doctors today to see if they could give me the lower dose for the first time of me taking them. Do u think the 20mg will work?

  • Hi

    I started on 40 mg and they did the trick but after a while I felt confident enough to reduce it to 20mg. I just cut the tablet in half. You could try that and if 20mg at night doesn't work then try 40mg. My dr said its fine to do that.


  • Even if I don't have racing heart can I still take propranolol? It won't make my heart stop will it? Got half tablet sitting in front of me now and I'm terrified to take it

  • No . It will slow the palpitations only

  • Propanol is not going to make you drowsy. I took it while my daughter was a toddler and I was fine. In fact, it helped my palpitations, therefore, it decreased my anxiety level. Try doing some research if you want to, but if your doctor knows your situation and I am pretty sure he/she is trying to help you. I hate meds, but if they are going to help me feel better, I give them a try.

  • I am taking Trintellix 5mg. It is an antidepressant which dr tells me will help with my anxiety.

    It was very hard to tell if it gave me any after effects...or if it was my anxiety ,,lol. I felt a bit dizzy and tired, but thats almost gone...take care :)

  • Hey Adamj. Just like you and most of us, I absolutely despise taking medication. My anxiety has been through the roof here lately. I have tried to treat it by doing deep breathing exercises and not focusing on the symptoms, but it hasn't been working. I am now seeing an acupuncturist and herbalist. I take Chinese herbs everyday. While I still feel anxiety, my attacks aren't as intense. I've only been doing this for about a month, so I'm hoping that if I keep at it, eventually my anxiety will go away. As far as medication, my doctor prescribed me Vibryyd.

  • I would try medication; there is no guarantee it will work, but it might; try and download an app to your mobile; eat healthier, take more exercise, learn breathing techniques; do something you find relaxing; anything is worth trying to help with this.

  • I take propranolol slow release and for me it has been a lifesaver.

  • Medicine is a good short term solution when you've bottomed out and need help getting out of a hole. But it seems like after a few months it quits working and the underlying issue is still there. I personally don't take anything because I'm progressing. But.....everyone is different and some people medicine helps people a lot for years on end.

  • Don't be frightened it will just stop the palpations and lower your blood pressure . I hated it when I had palpitations (no medical reason found) I have been great since .

  • Hi my names jennie. Im 18 I also deal with panic attakso and anxiety I have nights I can't sleep. I've fainted because I've worried so much to that point I feel these tingling and shock feelings in my body and yes panic attaks are scary I have gotten better at controlling them maybe try going outside. Pinching yourself a little to remind yourself your there. My doctor has wanted to perscribe me anti depressants therapiutic medication. Those pills do work for some people I guess but I just don't believe in them im really interested in physiology and in mental health and psychological behaviors. Those pills can be good but also do harm not to scare you but what's going to help you is believing your going to get better and chances are you will. I know it's hard especially when your panicking but if yu keep thinking negatively your brain is so powerful your body reacts because of your Brain if yu search up plecebo you'll hear about a study that was done where people with psychological problems where given fake pills pills with sugar that had no therapiutic effect and to other people they gave the real pills the physiologist told them here take this and it will make yu feel better comes to see people that took the fake pill would get better except they didn't know that they didn't have any therapiutic effects .. this is why i dont believe in the real ones although I never did cause their actually experimental in some way. Psychologists like to make money. Yu could get better without pills you have to believe just like the people believed if they took it they would get better and some did believe in yourself you can do this changes in life style will alo help try camomile or linden tea before bed its known to calms your nerves

  • Very true I think, though meds seem to help some people. Holistic is much better for you if you can go that way.

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