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Chest pains are the worst

God dammit! My throat and lungs were pretty aggravated yesterday so I was coughing and clearing my throat all day yesterday. So, today I'm having the worst chest pains in a long time. I fucking hate this shit. Even if I'm not anxious about my health, and know that life is fine, those pains go right to freak-out mode. Any normal person would perceive these pains the same as me.

Sharp pains at the center of chest and different points around my sternum. I hate my life. Someone shoot me in the fucking face.

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I know I’ve had a dry tickly cough last few days and I’ve had chest pains last few days with it, worst when I breathe in. I hate chest pains and always have to tell myself it’s nothing to do with my heart.

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Yea. The worst is when you can't sleep well at all or move into your normal positions. 😞


Sorry you feel so bad but that last line in your post is a horrific thing to say.


You either laugh or cry, right. Joke or not still keeping it real.


I hate hate hate sternum pain. Hope you are feeling better sounds like you’re at your wits end.


Thanks Dee. I'm at my pain threshold, that's for sure. Beyond that, my brain changes into shock mode.


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