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I get my chest pains on a daily basis now and I was just wondering if these chest pains persist for anyone else and how long you have to wait before they go. there just annoying and also really scary at times. Like I’ve said before, even though I know and hope that it is only anxiety and that I probably have nothing to worry about, the pains can be very alarming and I can never help but wonder if it could be something else. I still even convince myself somehow that I’m going to have a heart attack, and even doubt the ECG and blood tests. Do clear ECG’s and clear blood tests prove 100% that you won’t have a heart attack ?


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  • Ecg will tell you if you have ever had a heart attack. Blood work can tell you if you are having or very recently had a heart attack if you have an elevated level of a particular enzyme that will be present in blood if you are having a heart attack. Although some people with anxiety have chest pains as a result of the anxiety, that is not always the case. Do you have elevated risk factors for heart disease such as high cholesterol, smoker, over weight or elderly? How old are you, how long have you had chest pains? You can ask your doctor to order a nuclear stress test, this is considered to be the most accurate non invasive procedure for cardiovascular health, and will tell you if you have reduced blood flow in any of your coronary arteries. Also, when you experience chest pains is I while exerting yourself or while at rest? It is difficult to answer your question without you providing more information.

  • I am 16, I am a smoker 🙄 my chest pains started from a panic attack I had about a little boy not far from me dying of a heart attack (well so I thought) I get the chest pains of and on all the time wether I’m doing things or not and I get all other sorts of symptoms also. My doctor has said that I won’t have a heart attack in fact he said and I quote “in my opinion your chances of a heart attack at the moment is 0%” and he seemed to get this from all the tests they took but still it’s just so hard to believe when these awful chest pains persist.

  • I'm 16 also, I seem to have pretty much constant chest pain recently, it also feels directly on my heart most of the time and others central in my chest, doesn't help that I get the same pains in my arms. Docs said the same to me but I'm still terrified

  • Id'e get a second test if i were you Babyelxxx take care x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Any time x

  • At 16 years old your Dr. Is probably right, the chances of you having a heart attack are virtually non existent, and your chest pains are almost certainly not related to cardiovascular disease, and likely related to anxiety.

  • Thank you, very reassuring!

  • Rest easy, you are not having a heart attack. So many things, such as anxiety can cause chest pains, the human body is so complex. Try to embrace .your anxiety, acknowledge that it is simply a disease and one that you will strive to control. It is difficult, I can look back at some of the bad decisions I have made in life and can now clearly see that I made them as a result of my anxiety. It is all clear to me now, but I am much older than you and have the benefit of hindsight and understand my disease. You learn to cope, and meds help. You are young,have your whole life ahead of you, so rejoice and live life to the fullest. Don't let the anxiety rule your life. You are not alone, maybe see a doctor that will treat you for the physiological effect that anxiety creates. Understanding and meds have done wonders for me. Also, I had unexplained chest pains when I was much younger, scared me to death, but they were the result of anxiety and not related to heart disease. Feel better!

  • Thank you !

  • I’ve just had an ecg & blood tests done for heart was a wreck what with the health anxiety but everything came back fine. As I’m sure it will do you not saying it is for you but for me the majority of it was probably in my head and it convinces me I’ve a undiagnosed heart condition along with every other aliment but it was fine and like everything soon as I told it was fine I stopped fretting till lately when like you I doubted but it’s my stupid head and anxiety that

    Chin up hope it all gets sorted soon xxx ❤️

  • Thank you xxx

  • Hi you just answered yourself, try and stop worrying and relax , easy said i know but try i find music help's :) take care

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