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help :(

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Hey guys im currently 21 years old female living in the UK. I have anxiety like everyone else.

These are all the checks I've had done

- a ECG (heart tracing done) multiple times actually

- chest- xray

- blood test- normal

- oxygen saturations 100%

im still not convinced that Im fine, I just feel like doctors don't take me serious because im only 21 years old and I know heart attacks and things like that are very rare but it CAN happen.

I have all these symptoms

Headache & Nausea

chest pains (in the heart in the chest, sometimes feel like a pulse or like a muscle spasm in my chest)

feeling like im not breathing, having to take deep breaths to feel better

feeling very dizzy

feeling like my brain is foggy

chest feels very tight

hands get cold and body goes wobbly and shakes

feel really down

extremely tired

butterfly feelings and andreline

I know these are the normal symptoms of anxiety but im mostly worried about the chest pains im getting.. it feels like im going to have a heart attack.. can anyone relate? or give me some advice..

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Hey fionaleung21 let me tell you i can relate to all of your symptoms and let me tell you what my doctor told me today, she said "this is anxiety even if the doctors tell you guys that it's just anxiety you guys will not believe it bc the symptoms are so real and scary" if every test came out okay please listen to your doctor they are the ones that know everything, i had ECG's and xrays done as well and blood work and everything looks fine so i convinced myself it is just anxiety. I know it's hard but try to relax yourself, go out, listen to music, exercise, talk to people, socialize, i know it is hard but just take it one day at a time. Best of luck :) . Dont let anxiety define who you are and who you can be. 💪🏻

aww thank you chache, i just freak out about everything now because of my health anxiety even today when i had a headache i freaked out and thought it might be something else.. how do you deal with it when you're anxious?

Iv had this for several days its how you react if i push on my chest it feels like a pulled muscle its tight and hard to get a deep breath you just got to try ride it out i know its hard when it comes to your chest breathing ect but try relax as much as you can i use a asma pump if it gets bad it helps

do you actually have asthma though? because I'm not sure if i can use a asthma pump if i don't have it

I dont have it no but it does help i dont use it all the time just as and when i need it

I'm 35 years old and I have all these same symptoms. I've had all sorts of tests done too and they've come back normal. i hate feeling like I'm not breathing enough air and having to take deep breaths. My chest hurts every time I do it. I have missed so much work because I feel like I'm going to pass out if up walking around. It's so frustrating. I think our bodies are so tense from all the anxiety and that's why we have all these aches and pains. Hang in there, it has to get better. I know it does.

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yeah i feel so dizzy when i walk around in work. its so awkward because i work for my family so it puts a lot of pressure on me so i don't want to let them down. you're right about feeling tense but i think we are also quite sensitive to it as well thats why we feel it i think normally people just ignore it or don't even feel it :(

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Oh yeah definitely! We are hypersensitive to every little thing. I've become obsessed with my heart rate. Constantly checking my pulse or looking at my fitbit. I hate this so much. I need to find a way to deal with it. I'm in therapy now so I really hope it helps.

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aww no i got a blood pressure machine from amazon as well to constantly check and i also check my heart rate too. i also got a tread mill to try and become healthier so there is a good side to it but unfortunately anxiety takes my energy so I'm not on it much. I'm also in therapy. what kind are you doing? I'm doing CBT and will start on Friday. The thing that helps my anxiety is because I usually get the same symptoms every time i feel anxious i just remember i've had it before and lived so this time it will be the same..sometimes it works but sometimes i'll have horrible thoughts in my head saying ''what if this is different'' but i guess its re training your brain, so its good we are both at therapy :)

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I'll do CBT as well as EMDR. I've only had 3 sessions and it's mostly been about getting to know me and my past to try and find what triggered my anxiety. I have a treadmill too but I can't find the motivation to get on it. I've been sitting on my recliner for the past 4 days just looking out the window. I need to do something. The last thing I need is to end up depressed!

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