I feel its a time bomb just ticking away

Hello Everyone

I have just been looking through the posts on Anxiety, and just cant help having to give you my experiences and maybe someone will be kind enough to reassure me.

I have been suffering with what my GP calls Anxiety, my symptoms seem very similar to all those I read here...chest pains, lightheaded, palpitations, and the dreaded feelings of ''I am having a heart attack', I am dying and all the test results that I have had, that are all clear, are actually wrong ! so why wont someone listen to me. I guess I had best go to A & E yet again, just in case this is the real one !

And, what about my family, my little ones, what about those one I am going to leave behind, the tears , the sadness, the endless questions, wheres mum ?

Funny thing is, if I occupy myself the feelings usually go away, I say usually. not always. I have been told its a chemical reaction in my brain that starts a chain reaction, oh oh , so chest pain, cant breath, ah heart attack symptoms, its a vicious circle, round and round I go.

As I sit hear with my blood pressure monitor strapped to my upper arm, it reads normal, can this be, when I am having pains and strange sensation.

well I am at a loss.

How can I stop these feelings ?, i just want to lead a normal life and not worry.

I have been having these feelings for about 4/5 years surely if i had a dicky heart id be dead. doesn't help that my dad died at 56 of a heart attack.

I'd love to help you here, all of you that reply and say you feel the same, is there an answer for us all. maybe someone can help.


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8 Replies

  • Hi tyber62,

    Yes it's bloody Anxiety , and it's a vicious circle . And yes I wake wondering when I'm going to have a stroke a heart attack etc etc . Checking my pulse , dizzy , off balance, racing heart . It's just hell

  • Yep it's health anxiety and I have it. Always thinking the doctors have missed something and that I'm going to die, lightheadedness (feeling like your going to pass out), blurry vision, heart palpitations, chest pains, tingling in my arms and fingers as well as my lip, pains in my stomach, back, shoulders, throat, neck, legs and arms. Headaches and a weird feeling that comes over my body as well as butterfly's in my stomach. I also had hair loss, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Keep reassuring yourself that you are ok and see if you can see a psychologist as mine has helped me so much. Good luck X stay strong :)

  • Hi @tyber62 my dad passed 10 years ago at age 55 from heart complications so naturally my anxiety kicked in then and I have been on a downward spiral since then! I'm a natural born worrier I worry about everything and everyone! And it doesn't help that my sister was diagnosed with brain aneurysms about five years ago . She's still alive tho and doing well but I worry so much about her because she's my best friend! I've always been afraid of Dr's in fear of the unknown because I feel like if they tell me something's wrong I'll die right then! I hope this reply finds u because I would really want to know how u cope! Sometimes I feel as if I can't and want to give up any moment

  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply. Can I say I have spent most of today thinking it's my last day on earth and when I dropped my kids to school I wouldn't be seeing them again. Had a huge sensation while driving. I was very scared. I don't really cope and I don't know how I get through my day. I feel physical pain first then hot sweats then the dreaded thoughts arrive. I just have to remind myself, which is a battle in itself, that I am ok. But the mind won't allow that, it keeps dying ..no this time it's different. I try to keep busy and again remind myself that there are times my mind is clear and worry and pain free so in that case it's just anxiety but believe me it's dam hard. I still keep suing it's not anxiety ..no one knows the pain I go through so stop dying it's anxiety. Why won't the doctor help me. After all I'm going to die.the only thing that helps is this...if I'm going to die then I can't control it , I can't stop it. And also all my tests are clear.

    But...why can I feel physical pain. They say I have IBS now..is it ??

    I can't give advice I just wish it would go. It's such a waste of my life spending it like this.

    I am So sorry for your loss , and I so wish I could help you, I will always listen if that helps anyone reading this. Sometimes sharing your worries helps. Please feel free to talk.

    Much love x

  • Just know that all your feeling I feel too! Its all driving me nuts and for the most part u are never alone in this fight! Its a constant battle and it seems to never end I have some good days and when I do I make the best of em. Then there's those dreadful days where I'm saying if I'm going to die just let it happen I'm tired of worrying and stressing! That's no life at all!! I would love to talk anytime. This forum is very helpful and there's a lot of loving and caring people here so don't get discouraged!

  • Hi

    Yes I agree. I am going to try today to do something if I feel the pain coming. Yes I have had some positive answers.

    Are you in the uk

  • I'm in the US..hope u have a positive day I'm hoping for one also!😊

  • Tyber62 uhave just described me to a tee, I'm the same with my kids and driving places with them, afraid of dying and leaving them without a mam, the constant worry, I can't enjoy times with them, If we go on family trips, I'm usually feeling dizzy or lightheaded and shaky, not running around having fun like I did when I didn't suffer with anxiety, my two friends passing away a few weeks apart from brain cancer 4 years ago has left me with constant panic and dread, I do my best to keep busy, think positive, I just want to get my life back, I'm looking into counsellors to talk to at the moment, but after having doctors more or less brush me aside I'm afraid they might think I'm over reacting too, but these physical symptoms are so real.

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